Calling all BiFrost- Marauders

Hey, So i dont really like the idea of self promotion, but I figured what I had to share would actually benefit the community at large. I have created a discord server for the Marauders of Bifrost (i know there is already another one, but I wanted to use a custom bot, more on that in a sec).

The idea for the server is simply to bring together the Marauders.

I have created a discord bot which tracks the following

Players on server
Queue Size
Wait times


As well as commands for the following:

Looking for Group - Specify the activity, input your details and it creates a nice little embed that looks nicer than the flood of text in most servers.


Looking For Company - If you are in the market for a new company, share yourself and hopefully someone will reach out to you.


Company Advert - If you have a company on the server, advertise it and it will go to a specific channel.


and finally For Sale - Simply a way of selling items.


and last but not least, I have a command that finds the server info for ANY server in game. Very useful if your friends need to know, i guess.


If you want to join then head over to Bifrost: NW Marauders

see you there!

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