Calm down people

I just want to remind everyone that the people working for New World support team aren’t you’re punching bags. let’s show some respect to these folks for CONSTANTLY keeping us updated. This is a huge undertaking and very stressful im sure. Lets keep lines of communication positive and constructive to form a good relationship with the people that will relay information for us and feed us information! Peace and love chillers


You nailed it, 100% JIMBASIL!

What support? I waited for over a month since closed beta to get a word on my perma ban for nothing appeal, only to get an automated responses not to contact them again.

I then was able to get Amazon on the phone because i have access to a company business account and they told me to cancel and re-pre-order a new copy… Which was a false information… i just needed a new Steam account.

luccky for jim basil that jim basil rolls with the punches

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