Calm yersel, people

Right, troops. Before I get going for some context:
I played WoW from the beta of Vanilla.
I played FF XIV on and off for years too.
I even gave Guild Wars a fair shake, GW2 also.

All the problems half you guys have like queue times? DCs? People from other regions coming over and taking your jo… spots on the server? Guess what? Part and Parcel of an MMO launch.
Sure, the server caps could have been higher, but then you wouldn’t be able to move as player collision is a thing here, unlike most MMOs. Not to mention that your FPS would drop too.
Sure, they could have did the launch at the same time world wide so other regions wouldn’t flock to yours, but maybe they considered their staffs sleeping pattern and wanted them well rested on a ‘normal’ schedule before launch.
Sure, they could have opened with more servers available, but maybe like every other MMO they’re planning for the post-launch drop off, not the launch hype influx.

Sure there are issues, and yeah talk about them if you gotta, but coming to the forums to cry about X, Y and Z won’t stop the problem. It’s a launch, people. If the problems persist past two weeks? Sure, it’s something we should rally behind, but for now? Chill, take it easy, relax.
Is only game, why you have be mad?


When you get past the queue, at least in my experience, I could play 10 hours straight without any network issues whatsoever. That my friend has never happened in ANY MMO. Queues will be fixed. Within 2 weeks my guess is they even start to merge some servers on the same World Set as they died out.

I completely love the game. Just the exploration and gathering experience is Spot on. Super addictive.


This! People will be like “after all these years of MMO data, why can’t they do it right?” acting like there is an easy solution. If any of these people were capable enough to offer such a solution and pull it off, they’d be bathing in money. Having never thought about that there might just be now way yet to handle such massive launches properly. You guys have 20 years of mmo launch experience too, so how come you don’t learn from it? This review-bombing on steam is just a horrendous thing born from stupidity.


It’s a classic case of Feels vs Reals, and all the feels are out there making noise, crying, complaining, review bombing and generally just being petulant children. It’s a live game with server access and they expect it to act like CoD where you sign up for a game with randoms and it assigns you a fresh server / host each time.

Then there’s the grizzled MMO launch veteran just taking their time, relaxing, waiting to get int o enjoy themselves.
Join a queue? Do something else while you wait, you don’t have to sit and stare at the screen while you wait.

Once you get in-game it’s just amazing. I understand that it’s very frustrating for people that have to work and come home to a endless long queue. But as mentioned in the posts above, once you get in-game you’ll notice it’s smooth as hell.

Yup, When you get riled up for waiting in the queue and you get so mad you start review bombing a game and cry everywhere than there is something really wrong in your life. Calm your tits and stop drinking so much red bull.

I want to just say, As soon as I started reading the first post, I was clapping. Finally someone who actually talks sense and knows what they are talking about. Then reading through all the others who posted here. Yes! So much fucking yes. Only bad thing I experienced yesterday was yeah, a little queue getting into server as launched, then the maintenance which was to be expected with a launch day. Then slight bug with queue ticket system trying to get in. Then I had a power cut in my area, (not the fault with game here… I think :laughing: ) after I got back on after that, yeah I was in queue again, the ticket issue happened so requeued. then back in.

Only issue I have had actual with actual gameplay was a weird inventory bug I experienced not long before I was logging for the night. Where the crafting table was saying I had more materials than I actually had to craft with and so when I selected all to craft, it would start the crafting loading thing, then bug out saying crafting failed. Not sure the reason why, but might be the fact I was going at about 10 hours straight whilst streaming and possibly experiencing a data cache overload or bottleneck?

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Ey ey! this is all good, lets take it easy and let them figure things out and all will be well.

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