Calnogor just jumped ahead a month

World is already down for maintenance. Hopefully not for too long.

I’ll miss getting my first invasion rewards as we got kicked not even half way through wave 2 -.-

they gave the entire population the grand time poobah achievement just like that, that took time for me to get lol

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Looks like wars and invasions are causing the instability. We just had the server crash one day last week during a war, under the exact same circumstances.

AGS - I don’t know what is causing this, but it’s been an issue since the last patch (maybe due to daylight savings time). This has taken Calnogor down twice in the last 7 days.

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I’ve bumped it to the team :slight_smile:


Do you guys have an ETA on a fix for this issue? Calgonor has crashed at least once or twice a day for the last several days.

We’ve tried a fix for this yesterday but doesn’t look like it’s been working. It’s top priority for the team right now.


I think it happens when someone beats an invasion possibly? Just as it happened people were talking about winning an invasion in global.

Interesting but honestly this issue is a bit over my head :sweat_smile: I’m letting the devs figure this one out.


They won the invasion? Destroy ALL the settlements then

It’s above my head too, just giving my .02c. Could have just been a coincidence for all I know. :slight_smile: I just want this game to work properly because w/o all the issues its the best MMO I’ve played in a very very long time.

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YES – this. I love the game so much and want the issues to go away because it’s just so much fun outside of them. With a few key fixes the game will be in a pretty decent state.

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I’ve been around for a long while now and I’ve seen so many problems with this game that your head would spin. If only you knew how much has been fixed in the last year alone. I trust these guys to get a handle on the issues sooner rather than later. Sometimes it doesn’t look like AGS listens but they very much do listen quite well in my experience. Especially if the feedback is detailed and constructive.


Thank you so much. I know you all are hard at work and it’s frustrating as a player, but I want to say thank you for the time you and the team have dedicated to actually conversing with the community about things. It’s refreshing to know that when we have an issue, someone is watching and responding at least.


Nah, it happened to us today and there was no invasion going on at the time

I was in a RW invasion when it happened. We got to wave three and it showed that we won and then kicked the whole war party out. Moments later got the “Lag Detected” and DCed

Nice job AMAZON. You reset the server and borked our war that we worked 7 hours to flip the town the other day. Brightwood!!! We were scheduled to battle for it at 9pm now the war is just poof gone. Wtf is that matter with your trash game!!!

Same thing just happened to Yggdrasil- about 78 days forward

AG I love this game I’m hoping these issues get patched but honestly a community is here for a reason and that’s to play New World but without patching the current errors adding things on top of it when updating NW results in more issues. A dedicated team of testers needs to be assigned to give constant feedback with the game and not throw updates onto it expecting issues to be resolved by simply adding to the game more. With every step forward it seems we are taking 20 steps back.
(please no one insult me for giving my opinion) But another thing I’ve seen here is people tend to treat the developers as if they are machines respect that they spend the time to work on a game for our enjoyment. Be kind be patient they have lives as well.

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You guys had the same thing scheduled for EU servers and from the posts, it looks like it worked? Or you just didn’t mention it failed again?

If the EU worked why wouldn’t the US first run work? As well if the EU did get fixed when is the US going to get theirs fixed since you just reverted?

All we want to do is play the game! Hope whatever you do fixes the lag and disconnections!

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