Calnogor Merge Downtime?

Noticed Calnogor listed in the servers being merged, but it’s not listed as merging with anything, just solo. Should we be anticipating a 4PM downtime or no?


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About the Calnogor merged downtime, all the information about it is in this post that I would like to share with you

They decided to delay the downtimes for each region a few hours to ensure that everything is working properly before proceeding.

Times are listed in your local timezone:

Central Europe: Today 6:00 PM
US East: Today 3:00 PM
US West: Today 3:00 PM
Australia: Today 3:00 PM

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

It does not answer my question. Calnogor is listed as merging with no other server. It is listed alone. Is there any reason it should be going down for a downtime if it is not being merged?

@hilarymason I understand you.

In that case you should be anticipating the downtime too since Calnogor is listed for merging. So when the time comes expect the downtime as well.

Here as well it is the link with the world listed for the merge and in the final of the post you can see a link for look for more information about how the merge work.

Hope this information help you and have a nice day!

It still isn’t helpful, unfortunately. There is no explanation as to why we are listed because there are no other worlds listed as merging into ours. The whole list is unclear because it doesn’t give anyone any idea what the host world will be. Are other servers merging into ours? Are we being merged into another server? Do we just have a pointless downtime for a merge that is actually nonexistent?

This should be delayed until y’all can give a clear announcement with a minimum of 24 hours of advance notice. It’s the DAY after the largest content patch/end game change that has been put out. This is ridiculously unclear.


Additionally, what happened to this ^^ as the method in which these merged would be rolled out.


I’m truly understand and at the moment that is the information we have available about the worlds merges.

However I’m gonna set a follow up in order to get more information about all of this and of course I’m gonna submit your feedback about how the information was provided and how it is unclear what the host world will be.

I’ll be contact you again when I get this information in order to clear this questions you have with this process.

Thank you again for you patience and understanding about all of this!

You w0t?

I’m sorry but… what? I don’t know what’s more confusing, the original post, or this response.

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Can you please check out the other forum post as well?

there are many servers that seems to be lost in action like pyranida on eu central as every other server in the pool is going to be merged into aaru on vanaheim chi and the population is nearly the same on all server written down, as well as there are a few server where in the list is written “will be merged into xyz for vanaheim xyz” and for other it just says servers name and “for vanaheim xyz” but no destination realm.

That kind of Information lack is going to confuse a lot of people.


We are now 8 hours out from a server merge with ourself? We would like some follow up to understand what we should be expecting today.

  1. Are we actually having a downtime?
  2. Is another server merging into ours? Are we merging into another server? We are the third most populated server with an incredibly healthy population, it seems silly that we are included with this at all.
  3. Why did we as a player base not get more time to prepare?

These responses have been confusing and unhelpful.

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i think they fat fingered enter key and made a new bullet point - we are probably merging with all of the arkadia mu servers shown right below our lone Calnogor line.

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Maybe, but I don’t want speculation, I want them to give us an answer. If those servers are merging into ours, I’d like that to be made clear.


right below the Calnogor arkadia mu bullet point there are other arkadia mu servers listed on their own line. It looks like Calnogor and these servers are all merging together but someone clicked enter and separated Calnogor and these servers from each other. Are all these arkadia mu servers merging and is Calnogor the host?

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is Calnogor getting these severs merged into us. it’s what would make the most sense, please confirm.

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I simply took the wording of the post as all the Arkadia Mu servers are going to combined into our server Calnogor. When you look at that chart above it makes sense doesnt it?

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I’m not disagreeing that it makes sense. Again, I am asking for clarification. AGS needs to be able to provide that.


The following is all of the Arcadia Mu servers:

I have a feeling they meant to say Dominora, Mictlan and Colognor on that one line, since those are the servers left out. Since Colognor is the highest populated on the set, it wouldn’t make sense that they would leave out Mictlan and Dominora.

But also the populations don’t really make sense, because Mictlan + Dominora + Colognor = high pop and the rest together is still low pop.

@Luxendra could you please clarify what’s going on?

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Would like to know as would my company on Maldonada

Pyrallis Marauder here, would be nice to get some clarification on this…