Calnogor Merge Downtime?

where did you get these numbers? 77 is so low and i know for a fact we have way more players then that. Just by seeing and chatting everyday.

That’s from:

I assume you’re talking about Mictlan. While Mictlan does get more than 77 at peak, it had 77 at the time of that screenshot.

Are you on Mictlan? Welcome in advance to Calnogor! What does your map look like right now?

All purple. Guess we got the answer. We moving out!

Hi, so from reading the server lists of other clusters the destination server is never listed. the list provided appears to be servers being merged into other servers. Calnogor is listed to be merged and from the missing servers, it is either Mctland or Demanor (however it’s spelled). i have not read anywhere where it says smaller servers will be merged into the larger servers it seems to just be assumption players have made. there are potentially many reasons to merge calnogor into a smaller server. since AGS has not really clarified this i guess we will need to wait and see. but all indications i can find suggest calnogor is not a destination server.

So those of us that currently own territory. Are we looking at weeks for territory loss compensation or right after merges?

You are assuming that they were merging weak servers into high pop servers. That was never said to be the case. In fact, they said things about competition. We do not pay a fee or anything and have gotten an easy 40 bucks of entertainment. They, in fact, owe us nothing. Everything they do decide to give, is a courtesy for convenience. The forum department is also not the same as the database department. So speaking in absolutes and trying to force/beg, really isn’t going to get us anywhere.

What they SHOULD do, is whatever they feel is best for their product and vision - regardless of all of our opinions.

It’s 50k. 50k is actually insulting. A territory costs 100k day 1, at minimum it should be that. 50k can be made in a few hours on a populated server. I wouldn’t sweat it and would just save your farm stuff. Popular servers have so much gold in circulation that gold is becoming useless.

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