Came across this on YT

So I was browsing YouTube and came across this ad. So gold sellers are now advertising on YouTube.


Because that’s where cheaters go to watch vids on how to cheat and exploit in New World?
You can seriously just google “youtube new world exploits” and get a bunch of hits.

Well of course you can Google anything and get a YouTube video. But the fact that YouTube themselves are allowing ads that are technically illegal as they go against TOS is stupid and even more so u can’t report the ad can only hide them.

This happens with many other games. I actually watched one a while back called something like ‘How gold sellers are destroying WoW’. The vid have an ad for a wow gold selling site…The content creators have no control over ads.

A private companies “ToS” is not “law”. “ToS” is only an outline of rules that govern their particular “service” when/while “you” are using it. I think what your trying to say is YouTube allowing these ads is violating Amazon Studios “IP” (Intellectual Property)… there you are correct but with how convoluted our “IP” laws are It’s hard to say.

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