Came here for open world PvP

This game looks great and I like the whole idea behind it. Been 60 for a while now, seems like there is no incentive for small-scale open-world PvP which is what I came for. Me and boys like to run 3 mans and have fun. It just seems like there is no good reason to do it and the combat mechanics are so dog water we may as well go do it in another game. Faction quest grinding promotes PvP but it gets boring fast running the same quest over and over again and sometimes you don’t even get PvP. Really wish there was a full PvP server. Right now I just log in every day grind water mark up and I guess go farm iron in an endless loop. I really wish there was a reason for people to flag and fight in the open world or at least one resource-rich zone with forced flagging. A ranking system or PvP based rewards would be fun even if it was just skins. The wars are kind of booty too. I’ve never been a zerg player always enjoyed running in duo’s trios etc. But the healing mechanics and potions don’t even make that fun any skilled player with high-level potions can effectively kite to town and never die. I think Amazon has a good base for a game I hope to see some new PvP incentives implemented soon or I think people like myself are going to burn out by the end of the month.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think this game is for you. Try Eve Online maybe.

check albion online, that might work for your group, I lost any hope in this game.

All that owpvp ultimately contributes toward getting to War.
But Wars have been a farce since invulnerability cheats (supposedly to be addressed in tonight’s 1.03 patch) and lag exploitation (still “under investigation”).

PvP is pointless – unless Amazon pulls through this debacle with an amazing response. If they don’t, legitimate PvPers have no reason to stay.
And there’s no reason to expect the same cheats and exploits used in Wars now won’t be repeated for Outpost Rush whenever that actually gets released.

Try another game. Not even trying remotely to be sarcastic. PvP cheaters and exploiters have sunk New World’s PvP.

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