Camelot going down every 5 minutes

Camelot going down every 5 minutes after update, whats going on?


Yeah usually CM’s are pretty quick about letting us know what’s going on I get its pretty early in the morning but if we could get an update that’d be splendid.

And it does seem to be only Camelot as far as I can tell… maybe some of the more populated EU servers are having trouble as well?

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On Discord with 4 others on Camelot, we are all experiencing the crash every 5 minute issue.

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I can’t even log in lol. “World under maintenance”


Yes, Camelot is completely unstable. I and the two others with me in discord are crashing and then getting the world under maintenance message. I don’t think any of us have actually been able to play 5 minutes. Please give us an update.

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Can confirm, I’ve seen it crash/go down at least 5 times now.

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Camelot is the only high population server in US West … maybe the game can no longer handle a high population load?

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thats so bad
same here . crashed 3 times


Camelot is doing push ups. Up, down, up down.


Confirmed. Crashes before an OPR can finish every time it comes back up.

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We are investigating :slight_smile:


I think I got 8 minutes this last time before everyone got the boot once again. At least I got a full set of smelter gear with a ton of extra pieces before the last server puke.

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me and my friend just wasted 2 orbs lol

thank god for the new cooldown… wait, they apparently forgot to implement that, my timers are 120 hours and someone said they bought an orb earlier and were left with a 168 hour timer.

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