Caminus Gate Lord not attacking back (safespot)

  • Character Name: ololulu
  • Issue that occurred: Caminus Gate Lord not attacking back (safespot)
  • Time and Date: 23.sept 2:45 CEST
  • World/Server: Fae
  • Location where issue occurred: Caminus Gate Lord
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue
    If i shoot at boss from this corner then its around 50% chance that he will not run at me and just stands at his spawn staring at me, i can do 5 minute kill alone or when other people join they can melee and boss will still stare at me without attacking anyone or moving.
    Screenshot - ec4920f21a8452f35c912b5b1b2eca74 - Gyazo

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll send this over to the development team for you.