Camp tier 5 issue

I cant get camp tier 5. There is no quest “Friends in Fashion” in Monarch’s Bluffs and i did all others quests (Animal Instincts, Lupine Observations, Fading Lights) . After all these quests i have only 4 lvl camp. What i have to do now?


Hello, @imba.yeah.

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I’m sorry that you are having trouble upgrading to a Tier 5 Camp.

Here’s some info regarding the camping:

The “Friends in Fashion” quest will become available once you reach Level 15, and it will upgrade your camp to Tier 2. However, it looks like you are already having tier 4 camp, meaning, you should be already having tier 2 camp and done with this quest.

However, for tier 5 camp, at Level 55 you are able to get the quest “Finding Lights” in the Eden Grove outpost from Ranger Derick Wardell . This quest lets you go through the steps to upgrade your campfire to a Tier Five Camp. This quest will automatically be pinpointed on your map in Eden Grove when you hit level 55.

May I know what level are you now?
If you are below level 55, you will be only able to unlock tier 5 camp once you reach level 55.

If you are already above level 55, and still having issues even after based on the information provided above, I would request you to kindly try the following:

After performing this kindly check if something has changed in-game.

If you are still facing the issue, requesting you to please reach our to Live English Chat Support as they are in the position to create the tickets that the devs end up reviewing.

Here’s the link to contact live support channel:
Contact Us | Amazon Games

(You may share this forum post with the support team, for the reference.)

I hope you have a good day.
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Why does AGS keep telling people the same thing. There are many of us in this situation. I have been level 60 for nearly a year, I have completed the “Fading Lights” not “Finding Lights” quest and still only tier 4. The tier 2 “Friends and Fashion” never showed. Everybody with this problem has reported the breakdown occurring with the “Friends…” quest at tier 2. Just tell people you don’t know how to fix it instead of sending them on wild goose chases…verify steam files lol


Im 60 lvl, and i dont have on map quest - “Friends in Fashion”. There is no NPC giver. I did all quests for lvl up my camp tier (Animal Instincts, Lupine Observations, Fading Lights) expect “Friends in Fashion”.


I am in the same situation as the individuals above. Not surpisingly, a popular New World streamer “BagginsTTV” is also in this same situation. I have essentially given up on ever getting a tier 5 camp. I am level 60, I have tier 4 camp. I know I have completed the quest “Azure Tears”, which is supposed to be a pre-requisite to the “Fading Lights” quest. The “Fading Lights” quest does not appear and does not seem to exist. I have completed every “skill progression” quest in the game and I have completed every main story quest in the game. I only have side missions left. I have verified integrity of game files over a dozen times since running those quests. These are issues with the game not with individual files on an individuals computer. I would hope that support staff would treat it as such instead of insisting on the issue being on the individual user.

Hello and welcome to the forums @swimr.tutor.

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your camp levels. Our dev team is aware of this ongoing issue and is currently working on a fix.

I have reviewed all the data you have provided and thank you for the information. Due to the type of issue you mention and how it does not match the expected behavior, this thread would be better addressed in the Bug Reports section

I have moved the thread. Hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

The problem is the NPC ‘Bercina Thornton’ is no longer in Monarch’s Bluff since the town change, and so no one can get the quest ‘Friends in Fashion’, which provides one tier upgrade. That’s why we’re all stuck at Tier Four.


Same issue here. No NPC ‘Bercina Thornton’.


@Fenrirskoll Hi, I have the same issue. The Tier 2 quest was never available, still we are able to do the Tier 3 quest, only that our camp is not upgraded to tier 3, it is upgraded to tier 2, and so on.
Could you please forward this issue to the team? A quick google search will show this issue has been around since 2021 now, so I think it is time that Amazon fix it.

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I’m having the same issue… i made a new char since the fresh servers and i noticed that lvl 55 quest “Fading Lights” got as reward CAMP TIER LVL 4… Not 5… And camp T4 quest, Lupine Observations, has as reward nothing… so i switched to my main char just to check if there was a bug or something… And i have camp tier 5… so all of this issue started with the revamp zones… Pls fix this… Because untill we get stations T5… gonna take some time…

And no, the integrity of the game isn’t the problem… its your main questline… you forgot to change that…

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Also stuck in this situation. Been level 60 and unable to find the NPC “Bercina Thornton” who gives “Friends in fashion”. As others have said, it appears with the Monarch Bluffs rework, Bercina wasn’t added back.


My friend and I are running into the same issue. Stuck at tier 4 camp after completing all of the available upgrade quests.

Just to add some visibility to this issue, I am also stuck with a tier 4 camp after having completed all the prereqs for the t5.


I’m stuck with a tier 4 on a fresh start server @lvl 60.

If I put in a bug report, would I get the tier 5 compensated, or am I going to have to wait for some type of fix to come to the live servers at some unknown future patch?

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This issue is basically affecting a large surplus of players AWS needs to have a better answer for this or at leas own up to it being an issue.

We’ve been reporting this bug since Fresh Start launched.

@Fenrirskoll Any news on this issue?

tier 5 camps still impossible :frowning:

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Please have your support team review server statistics and seem how many tier 5 camps are on the fresh start servers.

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@MrLee Any news on a fix for this issue?