Camping not unlocked yet

Just when you think, what else can they screw up. I’ve always had a T5 camp, with no problem, till today.

was there a new patch

They did some sort of preparation or some crap that broke a bunch of stuff.
If you recall or teleport, like the world disappears, all the boxes and nodes do not show unless you log out and log back in, now my camp doesn’t work. Sometime when you roll or get hit idk, you get all juddery and clip all over the place…

one catastrophe after the next

I was getting most of that after the Turkey removal patch and before this most recent patch. So you are saying they had downtime to fix the Turkey removal patch and it fixed nothing plus made it even worse?

I haven’t made a camp in months lol

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I’ve had this bug since launch its not new, it is rather annoying tho.

Relog fixes it.

Yeh i usually use someone elses camp.

Whispers Sliders…

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