Camping not unlocked

cant put a tent down anymore…



fix pls i cant make tents so i cant make topaz gypsum potions…
atleast not by myself gotta find a tent… xD

You can make them now at the Arcana inside the settlements.

oh thats nice ty

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N E Thyme.

fixxed, couldnt do it 1hour ago, now it works again

nvm it doesnt work again…

I haven’t been able to make a camp for 2 days now. I have t5 camp unlocked, same message you’re getting saying I haven’t unlocked camping.

I unlocked camping a thousand hours ago, and there weren’t even any changes mentioned to camps or camping in this patch, and yet here we are with a new bug in the magical bugfix patch.

ye it is weird, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt ( 90% of time it doesnt )


been having the same issue since last patch. Not sure if an internet problem or a game problem. Its annoying as hell since all I tend to do now is roam the higher level zones. I hope it gets corrected soon.

Still no word on this? I keep seeing posts closed so bump

I feel like it is randomly occurring everywhere. Sometimes relogging solves it but earlier in SM I tried relogging 4 times and no luck…


Get the error my camping is not unlocked yet when trying to put a camp down

mmmmm same same . . . . . . .

Last week I’m sure I fixed this with a file verification but it doesn’t make any difference this time!!!

Willard - randomly happens where ever. BUT I do think that it happened after logging in - maybe after sitting in the Character Menu for a while

it was strange since camping for me did not work in Shattered Mt, Weavers fen or in Reeks. Then I popped over to WW and it worked. Just to test see if it fixed I went to bacl to Shattered mt and it didnt work again. This was a few days ago. Seems to happen at random and in random zones.

just random ye @Willard

It’s randomly through out the world on random log ins. It’s insane a major bug like this was introduced on a bug fix patch and hasn’t been fixed a month later.

Anyone know if this is fixed in patch? Couldn’t tell from notes.