Camps and PvP need to be adjusted

Please make adjust how camps work in PvP.

Either make them targetable/destructible for other factions who are flagged or make them only usable by the person who created it and increase the respawn timer by a much greater amount when PKed.

With the respawn system and camps it makes the PvP feel like a battle of attrition more than an actual fight. It drains the energy of the people involved and can be very annoying when it comes to other things such as fort capture.

It can really sap the excitement and energy of the battle making it feel boring and monotonous.

It needs to be addressed and reworked.


I think the best way to go is make them destructible when flagged and on a different faction.


I 100% agree. It would make the player have to also be more creative with their camp placement as well as up the stakes for PvP out in the world.


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