Can’t do dungeons anymore

I used to be able to run m10s all day with no issues finding a group

Ever since things have changed so you need ward absolutely nobody has trusted me to do a dungeon with them even though I’m capable of completing them without ward

I’ve added 3 pieces of ward to my set. My only source of umbral shards has been gypsum and buying infused fragments I’ve gotten my revised set to 622 Everyday I use the group finder for m9 genesis and end up waiting an hour to 2 hours before giving up most the time not even getting close to filling the group so I currently feel like my only shot at hitting 625 efficiently is gypsum until I can finally do m10s again with ward

I feel like anything lower than an m7 is a waste of time for me but it’s impossible to find a group almost any given time of day for m7-9