Can’t do mutated expeditions

Due to the removal of the expedition orbs and then being replaced by the 25 a week time gate it is now impossible to find anyone to do mutations!

Tried to find a group for ages but because it wasn’t at mut level wasn’t 10 people didn’t want to participate.

This time gating really needs to go as it’s doing more damage than the orbs were.


It should be reworked so that a limit is placed on the individual player opening a dungeon so people would feel more inclined to join a lower level mutation if it didn’t take away from their weekly limit. As it is right now, just joining another player’s group opening a mutation contributes to your weekly limit.

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That would definitely help but to be honest they should just scrap the limits. Only MMO i have ever played that limits you on doing dungeons!


Yea man, servers are up for ages since patch. :))

We have had a rather heated debate about this in another thread. This is the exact predicted consequence starting to rear its head.

As suggested in other threads…

  • Reintroduce tuning orbs but only require them when exceeding the limit return it all to how it was otherwise.

  • Introduce a weekly umbral shard limit equal to 15x M10 Gold (90k) and apply it to ALL sources of umbral shards and remove the restriction completely on mutations.

  • Provide a diminishing return on Umbral Shards from mutations after 10 runs but remove the restriction.

When we complained about tuning orbs it was the whole concept of it being limited AND expensive. Not just the cost but the limited. This just enforces the single group 3x5 which is even further more limiting than previously.


I don’t want tuning orbs back that’s for sure I hated that system because it was a timegating fun.

You can do outpost rush as much as you like. You can do 3v3 arenas as much as you like. You can now fight over forts as much as you like.

But we can’t run expeditions as much as we want? We have to be limited? Makes no sense!!

Yeah they could reduce the amount of umbral shards or stop you from getting them after the limit but that still won’t really help.

Why would someone spend their time to help if they get little to no reward!

They just need to get rid of the time gating.


15 x M10 = 90k.


Because it’s called “helping”. It’s not helping if your getting the same reward as any average joe off the street, that’s called a “service” or “job”.

I think it’s inherently understood people will do things for others even if its free to “help”. Are they more likely to help if they are compensated sure? Should they be compensated Yep. Should they be compensated equally with any joe schmo? I’d argue friends and family should be treated more fairly not less so defiantly yes. But many don’t expect it.

The core problem is you physically can’t help. It’s like if you worked 40 hours for the week and the goverment paid you for that. Now your friend calls you and tells you hey I got this old tree stump I need help digging out I’ll give you a six pack of beer and we can hang out to help. You gotta be like nope…already worked 40 hours this week that would be against the law.

Or alternatively you do that favor mid week and have to call into work and tell them you can’t come in you have met your work quota for the week.

  • Old system everyone could earn 3 orbs a week and spend 3 orbs or save them but only one person had to pay for 5 people to do things. Not everyone used all 3 orbs. If you didn’t use them you could accumulate them. You could use them all at once if you wanted. You could use your orb to spawn an instance and leave and five other people could use your orb.

  • New system everyone gets 15 tickets a week, every time you enter an expedition your charged one ticket, after you run out no more till next week and your given 15 more tickets. If you have tickets left, they get destroyed and dont get carried over.

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I completely agree with you! But most people don’t want to ‘help’ for free. Not everyone of course but you can’t rely on that small group of people at the moment especially with the current system.

Everyone is about min maxing the time they spend so they are always gaining something.

Games are meant to be fun but with all these time gates and restrictions it forces people to play that way instead of just enjoying the content.

They can definitely meet us in the middle and some of your suggestions do seem good certainly better than what we have but really there should be no restrictions on having fun in a game!

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The limit needs to be on the shards. You can hit cap running 25 +10 or 5+10 and several lower muts with friends or whatever. This is just another way that they are making it hard for new or returning players to get caught up.

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Yeah that sounds better.

Yeah. I’m growing very tired of the discussions that focus on restricting access or progression to other players. I’m really baffled at how after months of requests to get rid of tuning orbs to open up access the only thing they did was remove the orbs and in the way they did it, it’s more restrictive now than before. Not only that - they made the expeditions less enticing to run by nerfing gold rewards by 80%…80%…let that sink it.

The solution to reign in inflation was to nerf the income generation for the people doing the work but not to touch the people printing money with taxes. Not to reign in the printing press that is housing tax where money is generated out of thin air.

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Me too man! Been playing since beta so it is a shame that this change happened this way!

Thankfully they did change that gold reduction to a 50% reduction which still sucks but doesn’t hurt quite as bad.

Shame I can’t actually do any expeditions though :joy::joy:

Biggest part of community that did over 25 Mutations per week were Shards sellers, with few exceptions.

@eddielikespie anybody can gather in 1 week enough Shards to make a full set (Armors + Accessories + 2 weapons) from 600 GS to 619 GS (or better). This is enough for M8.
Short story, do 10 Gypsum per day.

If old system was so good, then how comes that so many ppl bought Shards? Even then ppl rather kept their orbs instead to help others with lower Mutations.
The only difference from old system and new system is that new system cant be exploited in benefits of ‘old players’.

I get that man but to be honest I couldn’t care about people selling shards.

If they want to do it they will do it. If it isn’t shards it’s something else.

I want to do mutations because they are both and they aren’t always the same so it keeps it feeling somewhat fresh and of course there are decent items and other rewards as well.

It is now next to impossible to do it. Even in the past it would take me longer to find people if I was trying to get a group for a lower level mut because I hadn’t hit m10 yet but now I literally can’t at all!

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Be patient until next week when comes Group Finder patch.

Also today everybody ran to do summer events, open boxes, crafts, etc. Let’s see after new patch hype when ppl will start PvE and PvP again.

I am hoping that the group finder will hope but I really don’t have my hopes up, people have been smashing PvP (as have I) so I feel that it won’t make a big difference but time will tell.

I have two static groups that hit M9 progression last night in Laz. Been grinding on that awhile. Ready to do M10 tonight. Nope they rotated the mutations with the patch. The group literally just aid F it we aren’t running mutators the rest of the week. Don’t want to pay to rotate gems for half a week of mutators.

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Anyway slowly everybody who need or enjoy doing Mutations have to get 4 sets:
-Ancient Ward for Lazarus
-Angry Earth Ward for Genesis
-Corrupted Ward for Tempest, Dynasty and Depth
-Lost Ward for new one.

But priority for easy runs should be Lazarus/Genesis set(s).
Also everybody knew Mutations will change after patch update (or should knew).

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the most difficult PVE content is a M10 and some of them can be done in 10 minutes by good groups. Plenty of people do 25+ a week.