Can’t find ptr in steam library

The ptr is not showing up in my library, I’ve looked under my hidden games and everything and it is no where to be found and I can’t download it through the store as it doesn’t show up, how do i download it?

When u purchase the game it appears beneath the actual New World game in the Steam library.

I’m not sure how to access it if u haven’t purchased the game… have u purchased the game?

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As said by @Pegasus the New World PTR appears in the Steam Library right next/below the actual New World game.

In case you are unable to locate it in your library I’d suggest you to kindly try to login in again with the correct Steam account where the purchase was made.

In case this doesn’t help then please visit the link down below and perform the mentioned steps to remedy the situation.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

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