Can’t play anymore :(

Unfortunately I was hit with a massive bug that freezes the game every 5 minutes of play time. I verified files integrity, uninstalled then reinstalled, and unfortunately nothing changed. GPU and CPU temps and utilisation are fine.

For the life of me can’t figure out any workaround but when I googled I see plenty are struggling with the same bug.

Try posting this in the “game support” (vs. general discussion) forum – might get devs attention faster


I’ve got a similar problem. Its not every 5 min. It varies from 5-45min. Sometimes it doesnt freeze at all when i play after midnight which makes me believe its caused by server lag since the same freeze happens when servers go down( image is frozen but audio persists). Is your processor OC? Someone said they fixed it by reverting to normal clock. Ill try it when i get home from work soon.

I had this kind of freezes when I undervolted my GPU. What GPU do you have and what power supply?

2080 super and Corsair HX850

Yeah their response is the same. Verify files integrity and update drivers. Got all that done already and it isn’t a solution unfortunately

the 2080 has 2 seperate slots for the power PCle cables. Do you have 1 cable running from your power supply to your gpu daisy chained or 2 seperate cables?

I would reinstall windows. It worked for me. lol

This might sound silly, but try not to minimize the game. I experience this exact issue (game freezes, audio is still playing, and GPU/CPU are fine). After hours of testing and replicating the issue, I realized it ONLY happens to me when I minimize the game or try to use my other monitor, regardless of fullscreen or windowed.

Give this a shot and let me know if it works. I’ve been trying to contact support regarding this issue.

This is how a single daisy chained PCle cable looks like.

How would this make any difference? I’d love to know

Yes, it can damage the cable/gpu/power supply and the GPU might not be able to draw enough power. I had these freezes when I undervolted my GPU. Maybe his card isnt getting enough power because of daisy chained PCle cables, leading to the freezes.

So my card has 8 and 6 pin, I have 2 cables, assuming now its wrong ?

Always was under impression that 2 cables will be much safer config and I’ve build 100s of PCs in my life - never had anybody coming back to me.

What card do you have?

And yes thats what im saying, having 2 cables for 2 slots on the GPU.

old good 970 :smiley: waiting on 3090 prices to drop down.

Oh thats good then :ok_hand:

I’d use 2 cables, though I don’t know how much power a 970 draws. Might be okay with 1 cable daisy chained.

Like I said before I’m always using 2 cables as default on every PC i build. :slight_smile:
You got me worried there I was doing it wrong for past god knows how many years.

All of a sudden people are reporting this in the support forum. All have AMD cpus. Do you as well?