Can’t play anymore :(

Having the same issue with most of my friends, suddenly started happening today

Could honestly be a hardware issue. Run your memory through memtest86, see if it has any bad sectors. If you see any red while running it, one or multiple memory modules are bad.

Hey guys I had a similar issue as well. For me it turned out to be my bios. After downloading and flashing the motherboard bios with the up to date version, these symptoms went away.

AMD 5600x here with 6800xt. Hope this helps someone!

Thank you all for the replies much appreciated.

My hardware is fine. I monitored it couple of times while playing and while being in settlements. Everything is fine and there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary

I’ve been only getting this freezing issue today so it might be from the latest update and I did something in-game that triggered it

Yeah 3900x

You can’t monitor your memory for bad sectors while your system in running in windows. Last time I detected bad memory sectors, I didn’t realize the memory was bad until my system kept stuttering and crashing during game updates. Ran memtest, found one of my 4 modules had an extreme amount of bad sectors, and another had 2. RMAed my memory and system ran perfectly after that.

True but if I have bad memory I would’ve had issues in other games too innit?

Not necessarily. It’s about bad sectors. If somethign is trying to read to that sector of memory, it’s going to cause issues. Doesn’t mean everything you do runs on that bad sector.

Hello guys! We are sorry you are not able to enjoy your adventure in New World. Dev Team’s aware of this game crashing and they’re currently working on it.

Feel free to check this post for troubleshooting steps:

I hope this helps!

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