Can’t play with friends

So I’m late to the party, all my friends are in a server that won’t allow me to join for concern of over population? So basically I’m screwed right???Really enjoy this game but would love the company of my friends. This seems as if I’m dealing with a problem from 2001 not 2021. Any change coming? Thanks!!

There will be an option to transfer to another server for your friends

There’s a “server transfer” option in the works, so people can transfer their user from one server to another. But we don’t know exactly when that’s coming out. Some of the groundwork for that is in today’s update, and they’ll share more news on this in about a week.

You should consider reading through the dev posts and updates, as they clearly state they are aware of this issue and making efforts to allow players to transfer soon so you can all be on the same server.

This doesn’t guarantee no queue times though, as many of the popular servers still have them.

in the near future we will get the option to transfer to other servers. In the patch notes it says that theire working on it.

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