Can a normal person do this?

I have reason to question his use of third-party procedures.
Welcome to El Dorado to challenge this player.【CHONGAL】

Here is a video of the victims;
New World离谱的外挂玩家_网络游戏热门视频 (

Since New World is a gear progression based game, yes. A human who just hit lvl 60 not even 5 minutes ago. Can actually jump into OPR. And have such a poor performance because they have 500 GS with more than likely zero decent PvP perks on gear. Meaning they will be worth nothing in a match against people who have twice their base stats and additional game changing PvP perks.

But don’t worry yourself too much. That player will more than likely do 5 to 10 more matches like that. And at best case, not feel motivated to touch PvP in New World again. At worst case, that player will more than likely just quit New World. I’ll be betting on the latter, because the existence of other much better MMOs.

yes… OPR and “points”…is very sad or funny in same time, not many ppl say it but we know 90% of Musket user use AIMBOT … rest is play on 5, 3 person team then they just use lot aoe spels what is not a big deal but is it 580GS VS 625 GS ! well there is a little issue.

I think it’s normal, I’d like to see your gear and the gems on it if I can

He’s a glass cannon, but your shot at him is only 800 damage… You may not understand the pvp construction of muskets and perk gems on equipment, etc.

He just shoots fairly accurately, and from the video I don’t see anything like using a third-party program,If you are familiar with firearms and are more accurate, opr scores of 10k-15k are very common

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You forgot to link the steam charts in this post.

500gs and 600gs is not twice the difference. Also a fresh lvl 60 can have 550 GS just from buying gear from the market.

I agree, they need to attract new players, not just focus on current.

Anyone pretending gear doesn’t matter is not playing the game.

I played when I had lower GS and wasn’t good since 620s or so I’ll always get in the top 10.

Ofc 90% of musket players risk their hundreds of /played hours and pay 150 dollars per month for aimbot for a game with 20k peak players which has not competitive PvP format yet …

Not everyone who kills you had aimbot. There are a lot of fps players around you know?


I guess people think it’s worth risking an account with over 1000+ hours spent on it with all those BiS gears just so they can get banned by the anti-cheat right? NOT, nobody is going to “risk” leveling back up from 1-60 and farming expertise from 500-600 only so they can do mutations to get to 625 and then “cheat” on an OPR :rofl:

It just means you got owned by a better player.

Bro, the OP probably doesn’t even know his Musket can zoom :smiley:

This is either hilarious or just a troll :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I encountered a bug that can’t be enlarged.
I hope only I met this bug.

You shouldn’t even reply to these. They are just simply bad and can’t accept it.

I mean, he hit for 800… On a fellow musketeer… Shooting while prone. Using spear+musket. Onyx musket. There are countless problems with this dude’s build.
Im pretty sure he just dinged 60 and already calling others hackers lmao.

Welcome to El Dorado to challenge this player.

Thats US or like Australian server, no way I will transfer there from europe just to kill that casual. Looking at the vid he isn’t any special, every second musketeer I see on dry tree pulling off better moves than that dude and using better rifles.
Especially how badly geared he have to be with a purple ench+void musket. He would be assblasted here. Dont get me wrong, there is no problem being a casual or a bad player, thats alright not everyone have the time or energy to improve but calling others cheaters even though you clearly have no idea whats going on is a bit too much.

Let me express my position:

Adjust the video playback speed to 0.5x times slow. And observe his operation. In a world of 0.5 times the time, he dodges, searches for enemies and zooms. Aim at the head and fire. Hit the head and took 3 seconds. Hit the head.

Now, set the time back to the normal time rate. He finished all the above operations in a second.

When I attracted fire, he even hunted players in other positions.
Killing me was just incidental.

Can a normal person do this?

Yes, a normal person that’s not an AI or bot, can do that in New World.

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no i dont think anyone can be this slow at aiming