Can any CM stop(ban-Mute) this kids pls?

that is basicly for Cm , but if any cry baby show up is fine to , Community manager pls do something about this people which one spam over and over everyday . A single person have multi negative shit talk in forum + probably this person have mutli account also , if u can make everyone able to send 1/2 post every week + have 1 Account per ip on forum or rewive the post of people’s want to send here with out able to edit them , so this Trolling or what ever is would be finish , bored of seeing people acting like a 5year old , its like they got payment to going crazy like that , that spaming shit talk nothing would be help to this forum / Dev …ffs pls fix this.

forum is for useful post about news/bugs etc… , not for negative shit post…

i know there will be blabla under my post.

Why are all the forums moderators always in Bugs and Exploits?

I swear this forum has no moderation unless the CM’s show up on their shift.

Can moderators please do their jobs and uh moderate?

well i dont know how Cm work at amazon , but always they monitoring the forum as far as iknow.

and i gusse they saw all the post , but they dont show up always.

But the question is why they let this people do such crazy spam and shit talk…
Forum basicly is like a chat room now…

You can ask for help via the link below and also through support