Can Au servers get some love?

I was so excited to play this after doing 2 beta tests. Tried to log onto Yama was 11135 waited for 5 hrs to move to 3853. Only to find out my friends who thought they were in Yama but were moved to Agartha without them knowing. So I then joined the Agartha to be 1st in que (yay) 5 mins into playing lag detected and made it unplayable. So today jumped in que for Agartha started at 385 an hour later im 148. When I jumped onto EU servers to save my name when servers opened I was in within 5 minutes and was able to play… laggy but at least kinda playable. I saw today Na east gets an extra 28 servers. When will aussies get some love and extra servers? I helped est and pre ordered NW… Wondering when I’ll actually be able to play!

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