Can HATCHET get you out of IG abilites and Gravs?

New to hatchet but finding it a bit hard to get out of ice storms and gravs. Any tips???

Before all the trolls come in and say “GIT GUD” or JuSt DoDgE, the only thing you can do is try to be aware of your surroundings and not to over extended or get in a spot where you can easily get flanked. I am pretty sure hatchets leap move can get you out of both, feral rage I think? But that can leap you out of both but you have to wait for the root to end before you cast it otherwise you will just leap in place. I know berserk has a cleanse on it when you activate it but I do not know if it breaks you out if the root ice shower or grav we’ll put on you. Also keep in mind man those 2 abilities are desync central. I don’t know how many times those abilities don’t even come close to tagging me yet I just moonwalk or randomly teleport 5-10 meters into them.( just the other night I was running up top above the doorway at mid point In opr and a grav well went off down below in the doorway and randomly I teleported down below through the floor onto the ground. You couldn’t even see the bubble from where I was and it was just instant. Poof, teleported into death. ) It’s not as bad as it used to be but it’s still pretty desyncy. Also just wait a few weeks when PTR goes live. You will be able to dodge out of the abilities.

seen a guy with hatchet spear kill everything that moves.
even 1v3
30 kills im rush 1 or 2 deaths.
2x in a row on my team.
so im sure there is a way .
git gud.

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