Can Hitboxes Be Fixed, Please?

I’m kinda tired of playing a melee character and constantly having attacks miss, even though I’m standing as close to the enemy as the game will allow.

This is especially a problem with larger enemies, like the demons in shattered mountain, or the Siren’s Brute in Reekwater. It’s bad enough that the game won’t allow me to adjust once an attack sequence is done (IE hitting Raging Torrent only to have the mob move out of the way, missing all 4 attacks and looking like a complete idiot), but it feels even worse when you’re whaling on an enemy and missing half your attacks because the game’s hit detection is a steaming pile of hot garbage.

Sometimes it makes me want to swap to a ranged build instead. All hail the Void Gauntlet, I suppose.

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The hilarious thing about this is that the largest enemies are the most affected to be missed on hit xD

Yeah, large enemy hit boxes really do need to be fixed to fit the size of the things, not be some tiny box at their center or on a foot that can only be reached with a few weapons.

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