Can I get an alarm for when the Bot situation is handled?

Because frankly until that is fixed, I cannot see me playing much. Which is a real shame as I really like this game.

Feeling the same way but swap bots with desync/completely broken PVP.

It truly sucks. I can deal with the spam bots…just report, block, and move on. The gathering bots are a whole other ball game…going on 8 weeks now I have reported the same damn 3 bots every day for farming the same area 24/7 and absolutely NOTHING has been done…not 8 days…8 weeks! I contacted support and all I got was a generic email. These 3 bots alone have made millions in gold to sell for real money. You get the same replies from the moderators here about the dev team working on it. This is encouraging players to either want to purchase gold since you can’t gather crap to sell while trying to compete with the bots or just quit all together. I have never seen such an abundance of gathering bots in a game as I have seen here and I’ve been around a long time. Just unbelievable.

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Welcome to Bot World…

Here’s your alarm…never. it will never be handled.

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