Can not list on Trading Post

as title when i try to list i get error “storage full” yes i have space yes i restarted game a few times, others on server having issue (Abaton) so now cant sell my bags, not only the bags that didnt get the “100% guaranteed new perk” but the ones that didnt hit 600GS i also cant sell…

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2 hours out of the game and still same issue…

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Same here. NAE Castle of Steel. Cannot place buy orders or place sell order because it says that my storage is full which it is not. I’ve removed and replaced the storage chests in my house. Someone said that could help. Logged off and back on several times. Still not able to sell or place by orders. I also made quite a few things that the perks didn’t go on so I’m out a lot of expensive mats as well.

For some reason the towns seem to only have default storage as a limit check for Trading Post. You can go to a city where you don’t have a house and move that storage to below 1000 weight. Then you can trade. Sucks and I hope they fix it soon.

(E.G. I have over 5k storage in WW, but I think the TP is checking whether I have over 1k storage. If I go to MB, where I have no house and my storage is capped at 1.2k, I still have to empty my storage below 1k weight, but I can trade there)

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