Can not server transfer

After i cleared out all buy and sell orders,i tried to out new order on and of, i also quit my company twice. i still can’t use the server transfer function. where the button says i still has active buy or sell order. and I’m stuck in a server with syndicate players only

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Тоже самое

Same problem here, alot of people has same problem, they said they are looking into it, so only thing we can do is wait sadly…

Doesn’t seem like this fix is a top priority so it seems we’ll be playing on dead servers for a while. I’m just doing a 15-20 min gathering route and logging out as there’s nothing to do on my server; I can barely even find an elite farming group let alone Outpost Rush. This bug has been around for a while and if it was a hi prio would’ve been fixed already.

Hello 0owiwo0,

Im sorry for the issue you currently have after changing the server.

Our Dev team posted the following information about transfers: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 .

I hope this helps!

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