Can Rapiers Riposte prevent knock down and stuns

Tired of constantly being stunned or flattened on the ground because of WH so looking for a melee weapon that hopefully prevent that. Even solo the WH stuns and flattens my character as soon as the fight act starts. Annoying and somewhat OP.


What do you mean, “everything”?

Rapiers riposte prevents everything.


@judomonk Rapier’s Riposte would definitely get the job done in terms of prevention, just as @MaDBoLT mentioned.

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but there are many times where it bugs and simply isn’t working or desync is horrible and it doesn’t go off

Yes, everything, just lol, good luck just when it goes on cd withouth activating, when you press the skill button and clearly hear the start of the animation but for some reason your characther stutters and you have to literally spam it and it will activate after 2 or 3 seconds, or when they hit you at the very end of the animation and your character stun himself with an epileptic crisis meanwhile you get demolished, just lol

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riposte prevents everything and for a bit after makes you COMPLETLY INVONURABLE TO CC

I blame musket users everyone does anyways for everything :rofl:. You prep a riposte for when a melee attacks then get shot before the melee is within counter range. Then the skill bugs the hell out and you get hammered into the ground.

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