Can someone tell me why people think FSS & Legacy should never be merged?

So recently, all I have seen are fresh start and rta players cry that they don’t want legacy “servers” defiling them. What’s gonna happen to legacy players? Are they just gonna be forced to restart their 100s-1000s of hours of work? Are the servers the problem? Or the players on them? Because if the players are the problem on legacy, we all know they are on fresh start right now. I don’t understand why they should be completely separate forever. Devs are just splitting their game because some people want to point fingers at something that they have no proof of.


I don’t entirely understand it either. I understand that players were upset and wanted some change. And it felt like the dev team was trying to appease those people, who knows. But it seems like spitting the community in half is not a good idea, probably ever. When FSS were released my longstanding company just got ripped into pieces. I had played around 3k hours and nearly all my friends went to different FSS. I felt like I had to start over and all my work had been invalidated.
I’m playing on a FSS now, it feels exactly like a legacy server.

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I started at release and played until Feb 2022.

There were so many item dupes and gold dupes that I lost all faith in the overall economy.

Fresh start got me to come back because I could feel confident that everyone was on a level playing field.

If they ever merge my server with a legacy server I will stop playing again.

Now there may be some information out there that would cause me to reevaluate my position, but this is my current one.


We can stop pretending they won’t be merged together eventually, one way or another. The only way they won’t is if the game closes before it happens.

Now, it may not be a merge like you might be picturing. For example, maybe in the future they will eliminate servers altogether, only leaving zones (NA, EU, etc).

People came back for the FSS because it was just that a fresh start, free from large dominant companies with millions in gold, inflated prices on the AH, duped gold, hacks, cheats, bots and so on. Merging them with the legacy servers would negate all this.

I could see them merging the FSS together but putting them in with the legacy servers will probably piss allot of people off.


Yeah this.

At some point when the FSS are older and their economies are shitty like in legacy, shitty as in have super inflation, then yeah we may see merges of fss to legacy but at the moment there zero reason to do that .

FSS economies, RTA even more have much slower economies, -AND there are plenty of player on legacy server to keep merging legacy together if populations drop and the same for FSS servers which RTA FSS are part of too.

When we get to point point that fss and RTA are merged into legacy it should be cause there is no other option and/or it wouldn’t really change anything anyways and then they can also at the same time drop the transfer embargoes so peeps can move to a different server OF THEIR CHOICE if they end up on one where they do not like the community for w/e reason.

I’ve been playing since Beta. I have full character on the Legacy server. I opted to play in an FSS to get a new gaming experience and economy. I stopped playing NW for a while and the FSS was the opportunity to return to it in a more equal way than the other players. For people returning to Aetereum (RtA), as the event itself suggests, a merge with a Legacy server makes no sense. This is why they shouldn’t merge, as the experience is completely different between these servers.


Fresh Start Worlds and Legacy Worlds should never be merged because AGS explicitly said they would never be merged.

It’s no more complicated than that.


If you say something and later on you realize it was a bad idea, you still stick to it?


So we know the dupes happened, and that ags confirmed 99.9% of duper’s with items are gone, can u explain how it’s still affecting servers half a year later? And what’s to say there are no gold dupes or item dupes on FS that are just private enough to avoid ags

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Yet aimbot “cheaters”, massive companies still controlling the main money makers, bots, and glitches still exist on fresh start. You can say what u want about the positives but the negatives still remain the same on both versions of the game, in my opinion.

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I don’t believe that 99% of the duped items or gold were removed. I am confident that they were able to remove the players, but the damage was still done.

Nothing. If I see evidence of this I may decide to stop playing again.

I am speaking only for myself. I am not telling anyone else what to do or believe, I am just trying to answer the question the OP asked.

If they could say “99,9% of bots” are gone they would also.
But they can’t since you will obviously see them.

What you cannot see is players having bunkered 75mil in their private guilds lel

Also in the end it does not matter what the economy even is.
What matters is what brought players back, and it was (even if just as an illusion IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S TRUE) fresh start servers.

Merging them already now will upset more people than not, again. It doesn’t matter how logical or not it is.

Please post the information said instead of gaslighting. Everyone talks about how these dupes and glitches ruined the game… yet no screenshots or proof

You stick to it if you have integrity. If you don’t intend to honor your own words, then you shouldn’t speak them in the first place.

Again, it’s no more complicated than that.

There is no reason actually.

Only the ‘conspiracy theories’ because Legacy servers went through few dupe periods. But were duped consumables which were consumed long time ago.
There were no armors/weapon dupes.

In rest there is no reason honestly. Gold less or more can be earned easily in this game. Items can be crafted and so on.
Even on fresh servers ‘returned players’ and new players hardly made it or dont made it at all to level and buy territories as fast as ‘old players’.

There are posts from devs at the time that openly talking about the dupes and their efforts to undo the damage. It isn’t gaslighting, it isn’t made up, it literally happened. They made it impossible to trade items for almost a week if I recall correctly in order to get one the dupe bugs fixed.

You can’t just handwave it away. Were you even playing then?

There was a voidbent armor dupe that was widely used and had a huge effect on wars.

I believe ur talking about when dupes stopped all trading. You are twisting the words. Dupes did the damage with the time taken away from the economy due to trading restrictions, not the actual dupe itself getting everywhere in terms of who had it. I did play back then, there was a guild who duped, but they all got perma banned, even the ones who tried to clean the dupes via AH and trading.

Resilient was the main reason for that… back then the perk reduced all damage taken. But yes it still had an effect nonetheless