Can someone tell me why people think FSS & Legacy should never be merged?

That’s what i meant, i didn’t elaborate enough.

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There is no RTA fresh start.
There are RTA event servers and Fresh Start servers. Two different server types with two different rulesets. They only thing they have in common is the started on the same day.

No, that can never happen. AGS has specifically stated in their FAQ that Legacy servers and Frest start servers will NEVER be merged. People purchased this game based soley upon that promise.
It is also why Legacy servers will die out over time.

You are wrong and that has been debunked for atleast 2 days now. You can keep believing otherwise but you would simply conitnue to be wrong.

RTA are FSS whether you like it or not. BTW they do not have different ruleset, anything you can can in a RTA fss you can do in a legacy or any other server.

We have heard and seen that AGS stated they would never merge the servers. However FSS players are able to move / transfer into the Legacy servers and not vice versa… However the problem that still tends to not be seen is. In time like all things these FSS will eventually reach a point where it’s no different than a legacy server. What happens in future updates where another dupe is found and plagues the FSS and destroys the economy then what?

In the extreme event that it does occur are the FSS players going to be outraged and demand new start servers or would that player base be okay with a giant roll back and be a patch behind until its fixed?

So are we all good with the idea that in 6 months to a year when the FSS are closing the gap to how the legacy servers are? players all are divided amongst these servers because the Legacy servers in reality was the “test”? I get that some people don’t mind restarting as they like the thrill of the leveling and grind. The other side some people don’t have the time nor that want to restart after putting in the time to the character.

Kindly stop spreading misinformation.

This has been debunked time and again the last day or so…you spread misinformation when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. The streamers and everyone else saying these are FSS are correct and you are wrong.

Also FRESH START servers written plain as day right there for you to read, only thing is they open to the general public a bit later on.

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum.

There I made the relevant part easier to see for you.

By every single metric that has any value you are wrong.

They will.

They will merge, as they need to merge. They won’t abandon players, in either case. If FSS suffers and declines, they will merge together until finally, being merged with legacy to maintain healthy server population.

On the opposite side, if legacy really does start dwindling over time, they will merge legacy to legacy until eventually, merging whomever was left into FSS.

They won’t just abandon long time players, or new players and tell them to delete their characters and start over somewhere else.

No matter what, no matter which servers fail or thrive - it’s going to happen at some point.

Because, realistically if it doesn’t, and i have to abandon a 2000hr character because of an arbitrary divide - that doesn’t do what people think it does. Then i’d join the pack of “dwindling” players and take my ball and go play elsewhere.

Your legacy is going to die fantasy is not good for the game, it’s not good for FSS. No server should die, and no new world player should want any other server to die. It’s not an us VS them.


Well said.

Where did AGS confirm this? Please link something as they only confirmed that bans were handed out. They didn’t confirm items/money is gone.

I’d really have to dig, but they did mention several times about removal of illicit goods and gold from dupes, and better tracking to get earlier notifications when it happens.

My simple answer for why not to merge FSS/RTA with Legacy at this very moment is: common sense

You can read the forum and pick up on why these servers should not be merged at this point in time when you see statements like this one, posted just a bit ago in a discussion about azoth vials needed to convert winter tokens:

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It boils down to two groups complaining.

Group 1: Took full advantage of FFS, came in with a game plan, and now completely run the server. This group doesn’t want a shift in power by being merged into servers where other companies have already done the same.

Group 2: These people thought they could casually stroll into a FSS and not have to deal with an established market. This group refuses to acknowledge that Group 1 has already crushed their hopes and dreams. It’s easier to live in denial and complain rather than accept truth.


They did, but that was only the most recent duping scenario. The first couple dupes were going on for long periods of time and were only handled after someone (thankfully) posted a tutorial online which forced AGS to take swift action. The game had the economy locked for at least half of the November after release from dupes.

I like the game a lot, I just feel like their response to dupes is similar to their response to merges. Not timed well, and poorly executed.

Well, i’m with you there.

I really like new world, i play almost every day and it’s where i spend a lot of my time. I feel like sometimes, they made a thing that’s really nice but behind it people are tearing a bunch of stuff up out of sight and there’s no cameras or supervisor walking around to catch it.

Obviously it’s a very poor analogy, but where’s the digital cops - merge police. we need some, and they need badges.

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AGS already said they’d be merging FSS and Legacy “at some point”. So… wait for it?

No they will not, they cannot as they have plainly stated in their FAQ before the servers were launched that Fresh Start servers will NEVER be merged with Legacy servers.
They cant reverse that statement without refunding every copy of the game purchased after the statement was published and that will never happen.

I mean, they will though.

Players are going to ask for it, and they’ll do it. But they probably won’t be called fresh start at that point, so no harm no foul.

Actually there was a dupe last night they shut the trade post and trading off for, so there goes that new shiny wrapper.


No reason to not merge them now.



I agree. I do not support the FSS/RTA merging with Legacy.
The legacy servers have a whole year’s worth of stuff which the FSS/RTA doesn’t. They would be at a disadvantage on many levels.

i dont care if they merge my fresh server with a legacy, gear doesnt matter in this game. would be cool to destroy some legacy players. if u watch some streams of legacy players and their 3v3 arenas, you can clearly see they are all crap.