Can support please explain what is done with evidence?

Someone I played with on EU Tupia got mass reported maliciously and the people who did it were bragging about it to others in his company. We all took screen shots of their bragging and telling him to enjoy his ban.

My friend submitted these screen shots as evidence when he appealed the ban, They were uploaded to a site that has view tracking, they tell you how many people view the url you’re given when you upload something.

When he submitted the appeal the URL had 3 views, Him, Me and another of his friends who provided the screen shots.

A couple of days later (yesterday) when he received the response to his email saying they had investigated and found the ban to be correct, he checked and discovered his URL still had exactly 3 views.

The appeals people are not looking at evidence provided.

Not only are AGS lying to us, They’re insulting our intelligence by insinuating that the appeals process is in any way a working system.

So what is supposed to happen to evidence? How do we get you to actually look at it?

Can you maybe confirm this with Screenshots from those website your talking about ? It could also you be lying on this. But i nearly think your not so maybe confirm those things and stuff make it public. Maybe open another ticket and tell us whats happening to you and your friend i want those infos too.

If I present the evidence here it will be deemed as “Witch hunting” by the moderation team, I’ve had threads closed for that before. As it is I am trying to skirt the “discussion of other peoples bans” thread lock tactic and just want an answer as to what is supposed to be done with evidence when presented in an appeal.

I understand but we need to point out problems more efficent here. Way too much people are having trouble with the Support team. Its not on me to judge them but im reading more and more post about it. And especially my best friend got one of those situations too by using a macro on his mouse to gather water.

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Yeah I’ve been trying for weeks at this point, 3 of my other friends got unfounded bans too.

One of them got a “sorry it was an error we will unban you immediately” reply on the first appeal, it then took 35 days of back and forth to get them to finish unbanning her, during which they sent her emails saying that her bans for cheating/abusive chat etc were founded and correct.

I have given up personally, this is just fact finding for my friend who can no longer post.

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Alright, even if this isn’t actually saying it’s about a ban appeal, it is still about a ban appeal, so the information forum moderators have on this is limited.

We do not have access to methods, processes or anything else used by the team in charge of appeals.
That being said, they review all information available on the account when implementing or reviewing a ban. In some cases links to external websites may not be accessed if deemed a security or privacy risk, but I cannot confirm or deny that this is the case here, since that is information only the team in charge of this would handle.

I must stress that mass reports by themselves do not result in bans. The team in charge reviews all reports and then investigates what happened. If a ban resulted from this, then evidence of a breach of the code of conduct was found by the person that reviewed it. If the appeal is denied, then evidence showing that the ban was warranted was also found by investigating all of the account.

"I must stress that mass reports by themselves do not result in ban "

Right because Amazon is never in the wrong…

Clearly you have not played new world I am sure the people who have been Mass reported and banned by other company’s for fixing wars etc would disagree with you,


Very cool username, love the band

The issue is that several players have been banned for no reason, and appeal wtickets are all closed without any explanation. We had to harass livechat support for 1+ week to get an internal mail adress to send the logs.

For instance, my GM Aomey, who is 100% legit, has been permabanned for 2 weeks already, he doesn’t even know what he did to be banned in order. Some other people like Nazboz have been unbanned already.

Sorry but the QoS regarding this is the same as patching : mediocre

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Ah if only that were true, the botters we’ve been reporting for weeks might have actually been dealt with, and I would still be willing to log in and play the game.

This is the important bit, basically you guy’s do not know what is going on with that side of the game, so it would be really nice if we could actually raise our concerns over the complete lack of professionalism exhibited by the team in charge of appeals without our threads constantly being closed.

I know you guys get a lot of crap from us @Ulver and believe me I appreciate that you’re just trying to do your job in a corporate monolith that doesn’t give you any say in what goes on, but it’s only going to be made worse for you guys if we can’t actually get anyone higher up to address the issues we are experiencing.

I have submitted reports on cheaters and been sent back ban appeal denials, it’s as if they are not even reading our reports.

I’m going to start adding other experiences with the appeals team not reading the ticket or giving inappropriate responses to this post. If I add yours you don’t want it here let me know and I’ll remove it, or you can reply with your own.

This is the last time I bothered to file a report on a botter, I received a ban appeal denial;

@LadyInRed just posted this, they sent in a report on a company changing their name to avoid a war and got a missed Twitch Drops apology;

@FUNUBS thanks! Pretty much everything they’ve done is amazing, for sure.

I can definitely see that all of you feel very strongly about this, and I understand why its frustrating and disheartening to bump into issues like these.

I am going to keep an eye on this thread for the next few days and compile all of this feedback and information to escalate this so that at the very least there’s eyes on this.

And I must stress that this is a complete and utter lie based on other people’s bans, their appeals, including my own permanent ban for cheating yet I never did anything to warrant that ban. There are screenshots of people who have forced name changes, company names too, because they get mass reported. Innocuous names too like Adam, Bob, or even “Some Company Name”. (It’s literally a tactic to get a free name change btw).

Stop touting that “mass reports don’t result in bans or punishments”.


Lies and lies and lies,just say the truth your a peon and you know nothing of what they are doing,also adress this issue to devs/support teams…start play your own game to understand the players and what its going on in game!!!

User @cat.grease is one of multiple people being told to file an appeal in response to filing an appeal;

On multiple occasions… Banned permanently for cheating and I don't know why - #36 by cat.grease

Add your own if you have them people, I’m losing the will to live let alone the will to go through all these depressing threads


@explorer12 Has a whole bunch of replies from Amazon in this thread (click the imgur links) showing that support can’t even keep their story straight from one day to the next;

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Been banned for almost a month man, every other appeal contradicts the one before. A majority of the live support chats also are common in nature where they differ in the extent of help they are “able” to offer. Maybe it’s they are told it’s not automated but how much can basic AGS support know about moderation if they claim they aren’t able to access the information at all. Telling them the truth about the automation to the people who have no control over bans could just mean more of a liability issue than necessary. The people to blame are the moderators who don’t truly investigate appeals and the ones who put the system in place. At the end of the day, all we can do is speculate what’s going wrong behind the scenes. Best of luck to you man!

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User @Dedaoff has done a much better job of compiling evidence and screen shots in their thread here;

If you have evidence showing the incompetence and ineptitude of AGS please go and add it to their thread, Thank you.

I’ve a bad enough problem with anxiety and depression due to my real life issues I don’t need this shit making me feel worse, It takes me a good while to write these replies and it leaves me shaking and exhausted if i’m not in the right frame of mind. So I’m probably not coming back to update much more. AGS wins, I’ve gone to play something else.

I’ve gone back to modded Minecraft PVP in fact, at least in massive public servers the volunteer moderators actually have a damn clue about the game they are moderating and know how to investigate reports and ban cheaters. Hell the one that came to investigate my “worryingly quick” progress when I joined the server asked me how long I’d been playing modded MC for, and when I replied I started with the first Buildcraft release on Bukkit he said he was only 3 years old when that came out. So this kid is 13-14 and has a better grasp of customer support and game moderation than the people AGS are hiring.

This is inting.

  • Why would I spend so much time to help a friend who has been banned if he really did something wrong on purpose ?
  • I’m spending more time on live chat support and forums than playing NW
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