Can support please explain what is done with evidence?

Pretty sure that support agent arent allowed to click on third party link, even if it has “evidence”

How can they review logs then ? We can’t upload things directly on their garbage appeal system

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Imagine saying “mass reports are not getting people banned” when it has been abused since Day1 of release on every bigger server :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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They literally ask us to use third party hosting for evidence, pastebin for logs, Imgur for pictures, and youtube etc. for video. They do not have any way, anywhere, for us to upload information directly to them.

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Still there are People which are using bots to farm and still there are People getting banned for nonsense , go get all these bug users out and these bot using scrubs make this game playable and remove People’s bannes which are nonsense otherwise this game will die way to early. Next days are way to important to let people stay playing the game or continue playing the game so get your ass up devs and work more effective. I spend more time in forums and in conversations about the game then playing the game. I like the game and it got potential to be very good but if you keep annyoing Player it will die.

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