Can the devs please hot fix the arenas cap?

It’s about to be Memorial Day weekend, Can I play more than 20-25 arena games (couples hours of game time if that) a day without being capped and forced to go do pvp faction missions to rank up the reward track? It just literally makes no sense that arenas are capped and faction pvp missions aren’t as far as I know. It’s just really disappointing that AGS did this. Like why is arenas capped when I can go 2 pvp missions in great cleave and get 600 salt and 1000xp in less than 5 minutes on repeat. Your player base is dwindling, just let us play the game, stop giving us more incentive to stop logging in.


Just like I said… yesterday we did more than 40 matches, in the weekend probably we will do much more, that’s what we want to do… even if is the only modality with less reward/time, really can’t understand who take decisions up there.

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