Can we already do an inter-server OPR?

Meanwhile, the rush hour of game time on the server…


And after 2 hours of waiting, a 10 minute stomp one way or the other. As a result, half of the players didn’t manage to score even 500 points… Bravo AGS!!!

We’ve been waiting patiently, for months.

12 minuts…

Great game. I think most people in the AGS NW team have been moved over to LA. We can expect even slower fixes than usual.

I know this was meant as somewhat satire as far as the body of the post but the title is a great idea. Not sure if it would take something like a server group/cluster implementation to make happen but being able to run OPRs all the time would be great.

No, I’m serious. Most modern pvp MMOs have cross-server

And we need sound cue on desktop when match is ready to accept otherwise we miss it and have to wait for another 1 hour.

Not sure why that would be? Smilegate does the coding and updates for LA as far as I know. I could be missing something though.

actually it is, only quiet

yeah would be a beautiful thing to be able to que opr no matter what time of day. no matter what server… always have fresh new people to play with. always have full teams on both sides when the game starts so its not a one side stomp off the rip when its 13 vs 18 from the start of the game… yeahh thatd be a beautiful thing. Also having those small scale arenas weve all asked for an talked about that was mentioned in the dev video where they said it wouldnt be coming anytime soon would be a splendidddd way to spend some of our time in game an actually utilize those sexy legendary weapons we worked so hard to get, putting literal thousands of hours into the game… yeahhhh thatd be great wouldnt it

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Oh I know, I meant that the body of your post was sarcasm, because of how frurstrating the Ques are. I have played MMOs since 02 and this is the first one I can remember where PVP wasn’t cross server(except Elder Scrolls which is a mega server)

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Biggest feedback you can take back to your “team” is that making “fixing bugs, bots and balance” take a back seat to PvE content that no one asked for is the worst idea. January should have been for this in addition to reviewing server populations and ensuring merges/transfer tokens are rolled out to help servers with low population.

My server population is declining (it was supposed to be one of the top 5 active servers in the region), my faction is dead, my guild is tired of being patient and have left, and my friends have all moved on to something else. Where does that put me? On the way out as well. Pretty sure I’m not the only one with the same story here.

Waiting to play game.


I think the players required should be lowered, that or what you suggest. Lowering the amount of players needed would help incentive people queuing up for it to begin with.

The game will be a ghost town by February’s patch. The January patch is removing QoL features and making the game feel worse, no new content besides mutators which is just a new spin on old content. Then February will continue not adding anything worth doing. Not sure what you really expect people to do all this time? Here is a list of items that should have already been completed.

  1. Cross server OPR
  2. 2,3,5 man pvp arena
  3. Better inventory management system/outfitter
  4. Basic search features in the Trading Post
  5. Basic analytics for the trading posts
  6. Town Tax/Upgrade system changed from flat rate to % so all towns can compete
  7. Lower town income on the big ones so inflation is addressed
  8. Fixes to Luck or at least some clear communications on how it works (we know its broken)
  9. Removal of Azoth cost for travel distance (completely) / Lower cost for weight
  10. A new Zone or Dungeon

I honestly just can not see the population hanging around another 2 months for “bug fixes”… The team knows what to do but every reply from customer support or new dev video just makes me feel like no one is listening over there.

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Wow wasn’t cross server battlegrounds when it launched. That was the primary reason I switched factions. Switching to Horde, I could get instant queue pops while the other faction had to wait hours to get into a match.

Ah true, I only started playing WoW towards the end of Wrath so I was always privy to cross server stuff.

I’d like to add something in case inter-server OPR is available.
There should be 2 groups/types of OPR:

  1. Solo joining
  2. Party joining

Might not be a serious issue in a inter-server, but on our current server with low population many times when OPR start there are teams with 12 members vs teams with 16-17 members. Irony is when there join new players and they goes to team with higher members also, like team with 12 members vs team with 18-19 members.
EDIT: or probably if possible to disable party join in OPR in low population servers. Just a suggestion.

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I know this is not the final fix this thread wants, but I think being able to queue to OPR without the need to go to the Faction NPC might temporarily alleviate this situation. What if we can queue OPR anywhere in the world, put the queuing options in the menu, or something. I think this will encourage more people to queue in OPR.


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