Can we fix fishing?

Hi all,

Can we please get two things back into fishing.

One, the ultimate trophy being able to be made, whilst i know this wasnt in the game as yet… We need something to be done about this.

Two, can we get some coins back into the treasure chests? I know it was removed earlier due to bots. But atleast on my server fishing bots arent really a thing.

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What do you suppose the ultimate fishing trophy would do?

I e. What bonus should it give?

Coins in chests would be nice, but i think they don’t want to add yet more currency. I think they could make chests more valuable by either changing the gems you get to cut gems, or removing the flawed gems from the loot pool, so that gem level is essentially one level higher than currently drops.

Another tweak to improve fishing is remove the geo fencing on legendary fush, and make it so you have an equal chance at every legendary fish regardless of where you are fishing. There are 4 hotspots that have a good chance to dropping valuable food fish. And like 8 that drop trophy fish. The rest drop hearty meal fish or furniture fish.

The hearty meal fish should definitely have a better use.

I dont care if the Ultimate doesn’t do anything other than peacock score. It has been almost a year since release and i wouldnt mind something new in fishing…

Also i may just want the gold back as i am not to far away from opening 10,000 treasure chests. :slight_smile:

Can we please get a response to the one and only Laze, the greatest fisherman in the game. @Zelme

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