Can we for the love of AMAZON, get our houses hot fixed

So many topics on this, hell I even have 3. No response from AGS. CS Rep told me it would be fixed but no idea when.

The amount of people who are currently experiencing this is astounding that they have not put it into the 1.1.1 Patch or planned to hot fix. I am literally losing out on income that I could earn because my houses are all broke and my trophies dont exist.


@Luxendra Can we PLEASE get a confirmed answer on this, I have multiple company members who quit because all of their hard work they put in their house is broke. (Not to mention the ease of fast traveling they offer.)


I second this motion. Seriously, imagine being locked out of all your houses/trophies/TPs/Storage Boxes for well over a week.

Who let’s that stand?

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