Can we get a clear answer on regional transfers?

Your twitter says yes, your updates says no, and your community managers says “we will look into it” (this is not a dig at the community managers, they work with what they got)

I am kinda stuck in limbo here, i wish to play with some friends in another region, and i am considering starting a new character there since regional transfers might or might not be a thing anymore.

But i have a relatively high level characters with a bunch of its trade skills leveled up to a high level in another region, which was made there because of population issues and because i was led to believe that it would not matter where my character was located because when the character transfers was implemented, it would allow you to transfer between regions.

And when i say “led to believe”, i dont mean i was told by someone in-game, or i read an article on kotaku that said it would happen, it was straight up stated that regional transfers would be a thing in a tweet from this games official twitter account, which has now been deleted for obvious reasons.

But lets say i start a new character in my friends region, i have already wasted over a week of playtime on my first character, and it has my preferred name as well attached to it, but i cant just straight up delete it either in case regional transfers suddenly becomes a thing again.

And if i grit my teeth and go through the same content, the same trade skill grind, the same whatever, to try and catch up to my friends which are now max level, and they then announce regional transfer implementation… Well, then i just wasted even more time on a new character, which could have been spent on maxing out my original character to get it ready to play with my friends.

Point is, it is hard to commit to something when you dont have any clear information about whats going on, or what might happen in the future. And if you cant commit to the things you do, then you end up doing other things.

And yes, this is just a game, but then again, what do you spend on your games? you spend your time and you spend your money, and nobody likes to have either wasted because of unclear information.


One of our friends made a character in US West because the queue times were lower there, and because of that tweet that said you could transfer regions, figuring he could join us on US East. Offered to feed him mats/powerlevel him to help him catch up, but as you said, if they come out and say they can do transfer a few days from now, or however long it takes, not only will he feel like he wasted time, but we’ll all have wasted time powerleveling him on a new character. He’s ticked off enough that he might just not bother at all.

They screwed up with the regional transfers, if they legitimately can’t, own it and make it right best that they can - but communicate. They said eventually they were going to release XP pots in the store, making them available specifically for people in this situation (for free) might be the simplest method for working towards fixing the damage.


New World already announced that transfers between regions are not possible and it was misscommunication

This is correct.

It is in the first post of this thread:

Not to beat a dead horse here, but i think a lot of people got screwed over hard by their “miscommunication”. And simply stating that the information given was incorrect is not really gonna cut it.

And i honestly wonder if they will do anything to remedy the situation since a bunch of players are more or less stranded in regions they do not wish to be in due to their incorrect information, rather than do the normal big corp response of smile and wave until everything blows over.

the post hasnt been updated in 6 days… back when the transfers were to be available last week

I agree, letting people get some kind of boosters to xp would probably help to ease the situation a bit, but its also important that its not just character levels that get the boost, but also faction and definitely trade skills.
If i am gonna be completely honest, if i had a character that i had not spent so much time and effort to level its trade skills, i would have swapped over to another region in a heartbeat.
I think i would rather play something else than have to spend all that time chopping wood, mining, picking flowers and all that jazz a second time around.

I know they said that, I referenced it in the post. Lots of people are asking for remedies to their fumble though. A lot of the forum posts lately have been … unreasonable. This is one of the subjects where I don’t think players are unreasonably asking for AGS to do something to help lessen the impact of their mistake.

It might be beyond their ability to do so right now, it might be a decision on their part to not take any action, but either way it would be nice to finish up the communication chain and say “No, we aren’t able to help provide a boost to new characters in a different region if you were impacted, our deepest apologies and we’ll do better next time to ensure this won’t happen again” - or - “we’ll provide XP food/potions to new characters in a different region if you’ve been impacted, or we’ll do XYZ”.

There are lots of bugs and people being unreasonable about timelines in my opinion on the forums, this was a critical ball-drop on their part though, and I don’t think it’s out of line for them to finish up the communication chain and put to bed questions about compensation, people will just keep asking the next few weeks and get frustrated - should be a quick and easy post for them.

or even if you cannot implement a full file swap, if you need to change regions, at least something to have all our trade skills at least 75% of what we had to ease the burden

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Would be great if we could get an ETA.

They need to address this. Their mistake misled many people leveling up characters that can’t be transferred at this time while they waited for Amazon to get many issues together on their end (and still unable to deal with them evidently). It’s ultimately their own mistake and they should own up to it sooner rather than later. I don’t plan on playing any longer unless they remedy this. It’s unfair to have invested hours of my time into a character for it to now be stuck in a region away from my friends

I’m luckily not in this situation, but I do sympathise with those who have because of the poor handling.

The original statement and then backtrack was bad, sure, but understandable given the absolute chaos that was going on. Not necessarily forgivable, that’s up to those affected to decide, but it’s easy to see why it happened and understand that.

The issue is that when they came back and said no to intra-regional transfers, and people were - also understandably - less than thrilled, they also included statements about how they’d look into making it happen given the strong feelings and prior communication failure. With no ETA, and further yes/no/maybes all keeping things up in the air. Even that FAQ thread has the most recent answer as being “we’re looking into maybe seeing if it’s possible, no ETA or commitment one way or the other”.

I think at some point they need to bite the bullet and say “it’s never happening” and take it on the chin, or commit to getting it done for sure whatever happens, with a vague time line or at least a commitment to regular updates to show how it’s going. Then people can decide if they want to reroll, delete, wait and see, or whatever, and get on with it. The back and forth means no one can trust their current ‘statement’ will still be true in a week, or if they’ll be stuck waiting a year, and people are obviously delaying decisions that could have been made weeks ago if there was a firm commitment one way or the other.

I have a lot of patience with them learning this as they go, and it’s never fun to screw up and let your player base down, but sometimes you have to just own it and rip the band aid off, and say things people don’t want to hear (that it’ll take a long time, that it won’t happen, whatever) rather than faff and leave people in limbo.

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Bringing awareness there is currently a new megathread regarding region transfers here:

LuxendraCommunity Manager



Greetings Adventurers,

As we continue to work on cross regional transfers, we wanted to get a better sense of who is wanting to transfer, from where to where, and what sort of features/accommodations you want and/or need.

We’ve examined how this feature could work and there are several different approaches to take, but they have different impacts on time to complete based on how many people we expect to use the feature. So here are some questions for you to help us understand:

  • Would you be using cross-region yourself?
  • From which region to which region?
  • Would you want us to spend more time for a polished user experience (interface etc) or emphasize speed of delivery? We have heard many people say speed of delivery and that is our current focus.
  • Would it be major negative to you if a required step was abandoning your house, and that was refunded later?
  • Is it ok if in the process of this transfer your character is non playable for a period of time up to a day (but possibly less)?

Please utilize the template for your response. Your help in keeping content unrelated to the questions from the template out of this thread is much appreciated!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!

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