Can we get a server transfer status update?

As near as I can tell there has not been an update on server transfers since they were halted 24 hours ago from the issues that were occurring. I see no updates in the below thread, or anywhere else official since then. I see the message on the main menu screen with the most recent information has been removed as well.

I understand there are issues to work through, but given this was a long-awaited feature that had to be stopped very shortly after implementation, staying in the loop would be appreciated. Keeping players informed is just a few keystrokes away.

latest known source (now updated): [Notice] Character Persistence Issue after Server Transfer Update


Yeah we need update on this! Want to play with my mates!




@Gunther We need some changes!


DOing a post with a emoji! :expressionless: :neutral_face:


Is weekend. No update before monday. 90% certain im afraid :frowning:


its only the afternoon in NA were the company is located


I kinda feel like we didn’t even get much information from the original post.

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nice most of my friend transferd and now i am stuck alone



Help us!

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I anticipate new information soon, they certainly understand how important getting to play with our friends is…it it’s after Wednesday maintenance that will be a big hit to community morale. I foresee action by then for certain! Puts crystal ball away

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I would also like to know if there will ever be region transfers or if characters will just be stuck forever on a region.

That alone might mark the end of the game for me.

Did you really expect this would go without problems? Come on. This was expected and for sure they won’t turn it back on during the weekend.

They’ve already stated this is something they are working on.

Do you know where they mentioned this? I sent a customer support email asking about region transfers and still haven’t heard back.

I think they made it worse, there is companies that have moved to other servers and are now split in half. There is groups of friends that play together and are in different servers just because they couldn’t do an early transfer.

Honestly it would have been easier just keep transition from server to server enabled and just fix the accounts that get messed up during it. They must be now digging for a line in the whole code while a lot of players just have to wait.

I thought it had already rolled out. I already transferred my character. I play in US West servers.

I don’t care either way, i’m not transferring. But damn, their communication is bad.

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I certainly didn’t expect it to go without problems. I think issues were almost certain to happen. Not to the degree that just hours after implementation it would have to be halted altogether, but it certainly didn’t seem bound to go without a hitch.

That said, keeping players informed on what is probably the largest change since the game launched, and will determine the future of a lot of players, isn’t asking much. The halt was unexpected, and posting an update of some kind is warranted.

It was challenging enough for a lot of players to endure queues until transfers arrived, and to have them only briefly active has a lot of players in limbo. Larger companies that have to organize big moves require planning for this sort of thing. With this sort of holding pattern while technical issues are sorted out the only thing players have is information itself. Unless they really don’t. Like the situation right now.

Where did you transfer to?

And how is it?