Can we get a server transfer status update?

I don’t care either way, i’m not transferring. But damn, their communication is bad.

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I certainly didn’t expect it to go without problems. I think issues were almost certain to happen. Not to the degree that just hours after implementation it would have to be halted altogether, but it certainly didn’t seem bound to go without a hitch.

That said, keeping players informed on what is probably the largest change since the game launched, and will determine the future of a lot of players, isn’t asking much. The halt was unexpected, and posting an update of some kind is warranted.

It was challenging enough for a lot of players to endure queues until transfers arrived, and to have them only briefly active has a lot of players in limbo. Larger companies that have to organize big moves require planning for this sort of thing. With this sort of holding pattern while technical issues are sorted out the only thing players have is information itself. Unless they really don’t. Like the situation right now.

Where did you transfer to?

And how is it?

I transfered to El Dorado on my main character. I don’t know yet, I just wanted to be there because it was the server I got on betas for. The map looked pretty balanced last time I checked. I think Covenant is ahead though.

They definitely need to make this priority.

I transferred with a group, half of us made it. The server I ended up in is dead and I would rather go back.

So I guess that’s a “no” on the update part.

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Slightly hijacking, but with the other thread locked this might also be a good place to see about news for cross region transfers

Yea the one day I don’t have to time play they enable transfers and the day after it’s closed already. All my friends are on 1 server now, except me. Sadge.

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Lo interesante del asunto es que nos tienen a la espera sin tener ningún tipo de información. Posiblemente no la tengan ni ellos. No sabemos si esto va a durar horas, o va a posponerse durante días. Seria genial que nos mantuvieran informados, pero su CM no esta por la labor y eso desespera a los jugadores, no da nada de confianza, y sinceramente… no estáis para perder mas jugadores.

The base of information that we receive - and regardless of what topics have been received so far - is just horrible.
There is just no information and the players are left completely uncertain.

All players want more information, more updates on the status - regardless of the topic.

After so much shitstorm in the last weeks/months because of the lack of communication, I expected that you would learned from your mistakes…


We require new information about the transfer! At what stage are the work on its introduction? You act like the problem doesn’t exist!

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Yeah a little update on progress of where they are with it would be nice, maybe in sites to what they are struggling with.
There is nothing wrong with saying you are struggling either, will probably make everyone more understanding as to why its taking a period of time.

The main thing is that you guys learn and continually progress with skill and knowledge :smile:

I can’t imagine we’ll have to wait longer than weekly maintenance. To be fair, we last got an update from them two days ago. It’s not like OR where we went a full what…nine days?

I have to imagine they’re seeing the data bear out that with each passing day as friends cannot play together that they’re seeing numbers drop. It must be high on their priority list…

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i mean they gain nothing from keeping the transfers out of the server. if they could put it in without issues im sure they would. its not like they enjoy listening to everyone complain. people compare this game to other games that have been out for years and years, this games been out for like 4 weeks, fixes and changes will come. just gotta have some patience.

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The same logic can be used for AGS. Not like they have no idea what’s going on, and even if they did literally have no idea what’s going on, they could just say that. It’s a lot better then leaving us in the dark when people are even more separated then before the xfers launched.

You ask for patience. I ask for an update. Neither of us are wrong.

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They’re not communicating because they allready knew from the start that a fix wont be patched until next weeks update.
I mean have they ever patched anything on weekends?
I guess their logic is it’s better to leave us hanging then tell us the bad news now.

That’d be my guess too.

How can it be that there is no communication for this …