Can we get an amazon response on Aimbotters and hackers?

So I just assumed that snipers were really good in OPR but today I played against someone who never missed and always hit headshots. Some of the guys in army chat mentioned that hacking is rampant so I googled it and it turns out they were right.

There are tons of youtube videoes of people aimbotting and it is not hard to find an download. Is this a known problem that amazon is working on? Because if not this should be a priority considering how easy it is to download and use.


for the first video dont ever download free cheats or any free software. they are always 99.9% has keyloggers or virus with them. The videos are always stolen from different cheat providers. as for the 2nd video every paid public cheats get detected if AGS focus on detections. They got EAC its 3rd best Anti cheat for online games.

It will be astonishing if AGS actually responds.
After all, they still haven’t proved they took any action against the confirmed widespread invincibility cheats way back around Update 1.0.2. Remember how you could shake your windowed game and win?
That and all the other cheats and exploits that came up literally a new one every week.

Here is a full OPR video from a guy on my server who I suspect is cheating. His aimbot is clearly dialed down (soft aimlock) as he wants to remain unnoticed (while streaming), but the ESP is clear as day to me. He looks at people through walls AND spots players who have no nameplates showing that are far away.

Side note: This player usually tallies up about 30 kills consistently OFF stream and between 10-15 kills on stream. About 40+ kills in wars with well over 700k dmg.

New World Cheater - Cuseni - Evidence Part 1 - YouTube - P1

New World Cheater - Cuseni - Part 2 - YouTube - P2

Been finding this more and more in OPR… damn wusses… then they got the nerve to smacktalk

I wish my server had more hackers. Would be nice to play OPR again.

Wow what shit people need this to have fun in a game?

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yeah it’s sad… listening to him laughing and nerding out over people trying to kill him is f**king sad…

I was completely unsure of this guy cheating or not, until I saw his crosshair stick on the chest/neck of someone that was prone but then stood up. Crosshair stayed exactly on the same place as the person moved. Sus.

Dev team spending time on silly shit instead of fixing people blatantly breaking the TOS

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