Can We Get an Official AGS Response to Exploits?

There are so many exploits being used in the game but AGS has not responded to any of these threads other than they are aware and are fixing them. For the chat injection one, they posted that it was fixed but did not take any action against those offenders. WHY IS AGS NOT TAKING ANY ACTION? Is this the new video game standard to stick your head in the sand? There is no formal statement, no action taken, and yet hundreds of these threads are up discussing exploits. Here is only a handful of them.


Wow, you’ve compiled quite a list!

There is actually a lot more… I just didn’t have the time then to write them all up.


good list

“Either they fix the problem and only action the people who have actually hurt others with this, or they fix the problem and ban everyone who did this.” The second option sounds insane, especially because most people who did this…did not hurt anyone with it lol.

If they spammed the yellow screen one during a war or something and were reported, you betcha they’d get YEETED into oblivion.

This is a pretty awful conclusion to pull from nothing.

Thread spam because you aren’t getting instant gratification.

They need to fix bugs.
They need to stop exploits from happening.
They need to punish people who have unfairly gained resources from exploits.
They need to do daily patches addressing different bugs until there are no more critical bugs.

What needs to not happen is thread spam and conclusions that are wrong on their face.


It’s a fact that AGS has not responded to any of these threads in a meaningful way, if at all.
It’s a fact that whole companies exploited the hell out of duping bugs and did not get punished at all.
It’s a fact that whole companies exploited the hell out of the invincibility bug in wars and did not get punished at all.
It’s a fact that whole companies exploited the hell out of the crouch healing bug in wars and did not get punished at all.

These are NOT conclusions, as you put it, these are FACTS.

The way you are defending those exploits and exploiters makes me wonder how many of them you used personally because I have a hard time imagining anyone in their right mind defending this shitshow.

If you don’t punish exploiters, you effectively punish everyone who does not use exploits and make a statement that it is okay to cheat, even on stream with video evidence.
You create the most toxic community like the one that brought down Warhammer Age of Reckoning. They did not bother punishing exploiters either until people started flying around in Battlegrounds. I wonder where that game is now? Oh right, it’s dead because people got sick of shit like this.


The general in-action and no communication is killing this game.

The wind has been knocked out of the sails of so many players, what is the point of grinding if a duper can max all professions with no cost and limited time investment, what is the point of PvP when an exploiter can get insane damage and delete you in 3 hits regardless of armor and damage reduction, what is the point of playing if the game is essentially exploit or be left behind?

On my server there are known exploiters, including an entire company that exploits everything from item duping, gold duping, to exploiting game mechanics to win territories and PvP in outpost rush.

The state of the game right now in all aspects is just disgusting, gold sellers in chat, gold farming bots everywhere, exploiters, hackers, aimbots, you name it.

Just give us some communication already AGS.


Looks through cans on shelf. Selects one that looks good…

“We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We’re currently looking into the issue/preparing/testing speculative fixes. Thank you for your patience while we attempt to resolve these issues.”

The silence is truly deafening, and it feels like they have no idea how big of a mess their product is at this moment. I’m surprised they haven’t been replying through the entire weekend, or at least working on/applying incremental patches. Like they thought a couple of responses on the forums before the weekend would get them good enough press at this point to weather an entire weekend of broken gameplay.



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We got that Warhammer exploit for pushing everyone off point chaining AoE stuns for Crowd control, while the war is just lagged out for everyone on here? Literally have the video of the fucking war. Marauders on TumTum literally ran the war with 39 People having Hammers…I mean watch the stream and wonder why the fuck PvP is just “Hey exploit or lose your entire server” It feels really bad, and fucking far worse than it did even in Alpha when we were play testing the abilities and lag.

We have lost at least 100 Syndicate to people fleeing the server taking an already low end Medium Pop server to even lower levels, half of us are having to merge mega companies, and figure out wtf we are going to do, or just plain giving up and walking away…we had 2 companies last week full and ready to go feeding into each…now we closed our Associates company and have 75/100 spots in a company that has been full since day 1

The game can not and will not survive while exploits are just fucking shitting on hundreds and hundreds of players on servers all over regions.

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What exactly do you want them to say?

They know canned responses aren’t going to satisfy JoeSchmo Forum Complainer, but they are used for a reason.

Be patient. They don’t want the exploits any more than you do.

This is exactly why AGS needs to be coming forward with actual information to their customers that paid for a working product, but have been left, for nearly a week now, with a broken system that allows exploitation of bugs they introduced. It would be one thing if they were actively communicating their next steps to: 1) fix forward or or rollback the changes that bugged skills for several weapon masteries, 2) definitive verbiage about how exploiters of various bugs will be dealt with (which may very well help DETER further exploitation), 3) what will be done to repair the economies that have been ruined by the damage that has already been done… and that’s just three.

This is supposedly a large gaming studio, so I would expect them to have a decent PR team to help them wade through these waters. Apparently, that isn’t the case. Furthermore, it’s a bit ridiculous to boil those posting their frustrations on the forums as “JoeSchmo Forum Complainer”. We all paid to play this game, and all have expectations of what would be considered acceptable issues. The fact that these exploits are completely destroying communities within many servers should at least open your eyes to how silly your post really sounds.


Sorry man, tired, maybe I’ll pick this up tomorrow. But as soon as I read this I stopped (and I’m sorry, looked like a long post… I’ll read it tomorrow)… but This is too played out by the forum lawyers… I just can’t understand the “I’m entitled to…” complaints when it comes to a video game launch. Your money is long gone and AGS owes you nothing. Either stick around to help it out (without all the drama) or move on.

Your hyper-focus here is very strange. Many people on this forum are NOT saying they specifically are entitled to something. They’re raising large concerns for the entire community that has been impacted by this behavior. If you’re unable to see that, I don’t know what else to say at this point.


All I know is that a dev already answered in another thread that a fix is coming next patch for the weapon AoE glitches, and the bot family at starting points, not yet sure with the unlimited perks glitch and the display manipulation of items that looks like they are duping


Great work, OP! Would appreciate if you keep the list up to date.


AGS where are you?

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PvP is no longer “skillbased” like they wanted it to be when they designed the combat, it’s exclusively about who exploits better / more at this point. People that openly exploit the “machine gun” Firestaff/Lifestaff or the infinite Hatchet scaling get reported many times over, yet on the next couple days I see the same names still happily playing the game and exploiting the same things.

The stance regarding exploiters needs to be firm and exploiting needs to be punished heavily (like they said they would during the beta), but so far AGS has completely and utterly failed to have any moderation in game regarding the issues that are blatantly obvious to anybody playing the game. The reporting system is just not robust enough to properly punish exploiting and it’s ruining the game.

If you can’t fix the exploits right away, it’s fine, but atleast put some pressure on the people that try to exploit. The way they handled all the post-launch issues overall was and is extremely poor, and I think they slowly have to think about enabling refunds for people that bought into a clearly unfinished product with too many issues to count.


The complaint is not about them not fixing anything, or not saying that they fix things. His point was that those who abuse bugs and exploits are not banned and whenever a new exploit is found people start using it because most already lost all fear of punishment - because it isnt happening.