Can We Get an Official AGS Response to Exploits?

Can we get an AGS response lol. The response is they have no clue and seem to be flying by the seats of their pants.

By the way you cant always presume its the fault of the OPERATORS who are actually coding. Management needs to make sure their emps are in a good place, and recruiters need to make sure the requirements for the job arent “having a pulse”. If you work at my Fortune 500 company, it seems to be having a pulse is all it takes for the wittle wecrwuiters to get their wittle bonuses.

They’ve probably hired turds, it may be their fault. End result = garbage either way.

I found this also in reddit.

hack on Delos server.

AGS surely should have reply on us :))

Its weekend in US, they will reply on monday.

Community managers seem to be working monday - friday in normal business hours

They (and you) should prioritize what matters.

Outpost rush? Who cares. It’s similar loot whether you win or lose.

PvE? Also who cares. So some people are able to clear quests faster.

War? That matters. I’d prefer they disable wars until they can get the game under control, but they really should have done that two weeks ago.

Gold duping? That matters a ton. Once the gold is in the economy, it’s really hard to fix. Again, they should have fixed this weeks ago, but there is still work they can do now to prevent it from getting even worse.

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Fix the exploits before its too late for the game.

We need an official respond from the AGS that they will ban the exploiters or there is no reason to continue and play a game that if you dont exploit you cant win.

While I might argue that all exploits matter for fair gameplay, I agree that the gold/item dupe is an immediate danger to the entire game.

If you look at the devtracker for CM/dev responses, they do respond to other threads on the weekends usually game support ones. They don’t seem to want to touch the hundreds of ones discussing exploits.

Those little exploits are NOTHING compared to the newest gold exploit that is spreading like wildfire across the internet as we speak.

The top link is actually the dupe one which is listed in AGS’s weekly bug update. They just haven’t done anything about it.

Here’s the thing: everyone is talking about it and posting how-to’s everywhere. Let’s see where things are in 24 hours. If many start doing it there won’t be a game left to play. This makes me very sad.

I’ve got 420 hours in this game, a great company, lots of maxed professions, and then this comes along and destroys my whole faith in the game. It was good while it lasted, but this is the nail in the coffin for me.

The more AGS are silent about these issues, the more I am losing faith in their abilities. I am starting to become bitter and am almost wishing the game fails, as if it would teach them a lesson. But it wont. They have sales, they accomplished what they set out to do.

The oblivious keep playing, not knowing how bad theyre getting screwed, and this is why companies can get away with such shit. Ignorance is bliss I suppose…

So many bugs… they should close all servers for a month and relaunch the game with a big update or smth. Or at least be honest with the players and take it back to beta stage. But well, this company is like an “America first” policy, never knee or apologize.

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WIPE !! after u fix all that kind of issue

I love it when you highlight “speculative”. They can’t even say if it’s fixed or not. LOL LOL

Oh, look everyone! Here is some official communication about all the bugs and exploits… lol… this is so sad. Especially the part about the next thread being used to inform the “next weekly patch”… the sense of urgency here is real bad.

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I cant regrind this. I had to sacrafice enough as it is. If they can’t target bans I have to quit and myself and some of my buddeis shoudl get a credot or refund.

I hope they can figure something out.

no weekend shifts? xd okey

Maybe talk to people and don’t just use canned responses?

It could work.

Patience has run out. Patience was first month. This is now month two. There is no patience in month two.

I’d hate to see what happens at month three! Does out of patience mean you’re staying or going? I can’t tell. Recommend you leave though, no need to raise your blood pressure over a game.