Can We Get an Official AGS Response to Exploits?

AGS owes different things under different legislation, depending on where the product was purchased.

Under UK Law, software products must work as the developer said they would when sold or the consumer is entitled to a full refund. This isn’t negated by Steam’s 2-hour rule as it’s a legal right. Other European countries have similar laws, so AGS isn’t waltzing off into the sunset without risk.

I believe everything you said. And I suppose I’m not being very empathetic. First, $40 is a lot to some folks. Second, just because I’ve had a ton of fun over 260+ hours, I shouldn’t assume everyone has.

Legal action just seems extreme in the context of a video game (they’re all a bit broken at the beginning) but, like I said, I could do a better job putting myself in the shoes of those that sat in endless queues then had transfer bugs, etc. I wish they’d stick it out as I think they’ll enjoy it once they get settled… but to each their own.

According to this post, steam is providing refunds if you ask:

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