Can we get any news from developers?

I would have to disagree with that. I don’t think power levelers are needed to drive the community forward. Sure maybe that’s the case because they are figuring things out before everyone else because they are rushing the game but I don’t think they are needed in order to keep the community engaged.

Actually, lvl 25 is not only not playing much, is not playing at all.
Most of " nolifers " did Amrine 1rst day.
Said dat, the actual endgame is:

1- PvP: Wars and territories control. If u are not on a top guild of the server, u insta skip dat content.

2- PvE: U have more or less 3 choices here.
- Farming rifts ( allways in party, no solo content at all )
- Upgradint to max ur lifeskills ( This is probably the worste point of all, the
amount of grind it needs its just unreal, the need of Iron, linnen or raw hide for
ALL the tiers of crafting is unreal. On the top of all, u have to farm chests from
camps, to get the god dammit reagents like flux and similars to craft ur high
tiers matts.
- Do the arenas: those 2 arenas, are key locked, needed for a good gear to
- Exploit a world boss spawn and get infinite 525 gear or better.

It feels really poor endgame content in my perspective.

there are still hundrets of hours of content when you reach maximum level.

And regarding leaks and stuff like that sure, those are fun and keep ppl engaged but tbh a lot of times they can do more harm than good, what if ppl hype up about something that is not confirmed just for it to never see a light of day. We need official, big teases, cinematics and stuff. And there is (as far as i can see which is no far but whatever) nothing that stops them, they must have money and can get ppl to do it so why not. Of course unless there are higher forces that limit the dev team, of thats a case it would be really bad for the game

Please, help me, tell me what can i do, im lvl 60 and bored as hell. On what can i place those hunderds of hours.

That is an interesting take. Just because someone else played none stop for 24 hours straight and it took me 1 week to get that play time doesn’t mean that I haven’t played at all. They actually aren’t related at all. It just shows that those people aren’t actually interested in enjoying the game for what it is and how the devs intended, they are just trying to plow through content in order to provide their viewers (assuming these are streamers) with content, OR if they aren’t streamers maybe that’s how they like to play…but that’s not how most people enjoy the game I would think. The devs should not be catering to the select few who plow through content.

Im agree on you. Not every one can/wants to play the game in the same way, for sure. Some people will stay lvl 30 in a month but with all lifeskills maxed, other people just play an hour a day and explore the world, etc.
But u have to think about, this is a MMO, what means it has to have endgame content, in fact, the game has to be 80% endgame content and 20% lvling, coz u are gonna level one time , but u are gonna repeat dat endgame content endless times if the game is engaging enought.

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I agree to a point, the thing is, New World is a bit different than most games nowadays, it is more like runescape than FFXIV for example and this type of game is beloved by grinders and nolifers and a huuuge portion of them are now playing this game. This was intended to be a hardcore game and the systems that are present support that. Of course game can change but i don’t think it would do it good to shift so much in favor of the “casual” or non-grindy playerbase. So maybe the devs should exactly cater to those ppl. Not saying they 100% should tho

Bottom line is, this game has every resource to be one of the biggest games in this genre and one that will be there for years to come. This is why they need to show us more, they need to have more because something need to be happening for those years. I just really hope we won’t be dissapointed

@PancakeKing @Acroma I gotcha, I see where you both are coming from and appreciate the conversation.

I agree that this game has a ton of potential and am excited to see where it goes in the future. We’ll have to see what happens and hope for the best.

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I think the same as you. Have followed the game and participated in alpha and both betas, and its supposed to be " datamined" like 10 more instances, 4 more weaps, etc, etc…
Why would they launch the game dat much empty if they have the work done? It just makes nosense for me.

I keep seeing people talk about no “End game” content… yes you hit level 60. You did NOT hit end game. Are your trades maxed out? Do you have all your houses purchased? Are they all furnished? Do you have the best rolls on all your gear? Do you have friends that you can help get to where you are? Are you and your pvp buds taking land? There is LOADS to do after you hit 60. 60 is NOT end game, its just a milestone.

Talk about End Game when you max out everything you possibly can.

The thing is, that is just not fun. We don’t want to just do the same things we did while leveling to just get a bit better gear. There is nothing new to do. Ususally when you hit endgame you unlock a ton of new systems that are supposed to work for max level players but here? Only the outpost rush is something new that i know of so it’s just not enough.

You are right in some points, but i can discuss you other ones.
-Are your trades maxed out?
As i said, they have to fix them, the way they are ingame right now, its a completly nosense
grindfest, i mean, for sure u shall have to grind, but dat much is just to some people who
really likes it.

-Do you have all your houses purchased?
I have 2 of them, but dats another argable point, the income of gold its soooooo low, once
u have done the quests, u have no real ways to make gold, noone is buying crafter items
coz they are soo expensive, board town quest gives toooooo low gold. They need to make
some grind way to get gold. Dat guy explains it soo well, In Game Gold Economy is about to crash ::IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED::

-Are they all furnished?
I have them witch chests for storage, not interested in play sims tbh xD

Do you have the best rolls on all your gear?
Obviusly not, the problem is not a real way to get them but farming portals like a maniac
on a 10-15 guys party facerolling the leftliclick of your mouse. For me dats not endgame

Do you have friends that you can help get to where you are?
Thats the thinkg im doing atm.

Are you and your pvp buds taking land?
Another biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig issue of the game desing. If u are not on a top guild, forget about
anything about this content, u wont ever be selecter for a war.

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Nothing at all? Are you sure? So you got all legendary gear with the exact attribute and perk rolls you want? No more wars are happening? Maxed all your weapon mastery levels? Got every crafting and gathering skill maxed? Got your teritory standing levels maxed?

Yeah, doubt you got even 10% of that. My point stands, there’s plenty of things to do. Even the most hardcore no-lifers are far from reaching hard cap on their gear, let alone anything else. So sit tight and keep grinding.

Dats the point, no new mechs. Plus the outpost… have been today 45 mins of queue and were only 12 people of 40 signed up. So its basically another dead content atm.

And many of the things mentioned are usually not regarded as a “core” of mmo, housing for example, its a good addition for those who like it but for most owning a house is just a tp. And about trades, i can’t say for sure but i really feel like after a month or so every crafting will just be worthless, i can’t see what will be the use for then later in a game. The only thing will be farming low tier mats because only those seem to have value. I just don’t like how i see the economy of this game

I understand where you’re coming from and 100% understand the limitations of the game design at the moment; however at the same time like you said there are things that you just don’t like doing. Just because you do not like to do it or want to do it, doesn’t mean it is not there.

Im agree with you.
But think about, anything mentioned about things to do ( on the exception of getting the bis gear ) arent things of an endgame, you can be skilled maxed while lvling if dats what u like to do.
My issue here is there is not any endgame dedicated content, pve or pvp.
On PvE:
-Breaches are the same as lvl 25,35,45 etc
-Theres no new instances of lvl 60 ( witch personally i think its close to pathethic for an
mmo )
On PvP: - Wars and territory control, same as breaches, u start working on this waaaaaaaaaay
before lvl 60, so not a new content for maxed out toons.
- Theres not more pvp content, since world pvp… noone is flagged and if they are
flagged its a party or even a raid ganking people

Im missing some content made to work on the progression of your toon, such as, high lvl instances, even RAIDS would be really cool to keep the game in touch.
And for pvp, idk, some kind of competitive stuff like arenas or so to keep people engaged on improving. Coz tbh, a war of 50v50, individual skill is unrelevant as hell and people get bored really quick from those kind of battles ( See Alterac Valley example from wow )

PD: Dont get me wrong, i dont hate the game, i actually feel sad about the game. I think this game has to be developed for atleast half a year more. It has the potential of be an incredible game, on Pve with high end Raids ( lets be honest, most of players play mmos for the social aspect of raid every dat with her guildmmates, even if they wipe on the same boss for 3 months ) and witht he combat sistem, even if it could be improved or some balance on weapons, a competitive pvp aspect like arenas would make the game waaaaay better too.


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