Can we get asmodeum back after salvage an item?


I crafted so many item most of them will not sell and useless i am making a suggestion to the developers that we get asmodeum or sny t5 material after w craft with it , is that possible to happen?


Crafting is a scam. Last night I spent like 40k on mats, to craft one useful legendary firestaf :smiley: like wth which i might sell mb for 2k xD

I crafted 150 muskets (: can u feel my pain ? 0 good ones btw

But why?

Why did you craft muskets when you can drop BiS Infamy in Genesis dungeon ?


This needs to happen. No one buys non ideal gear anymore.

Yes plz I have so many war hammers that are just sitting in my storage that no one will buy and have no reason to salvage to get 80g of Ori for

Bcs infamy not the best , i want keenlyempower

I have 150 musket bro I don’t have space left

This would be great, also to get a lot of crap out of circulation.

Damn that’s like 2000 asmo


ether that or make all the unideal perks actually worth a damn.

is that actually worth it?

wouldn’t it be easier to nab empowered shooting stance on an armor piece?

or is this some sort of interesting build you are going for?

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This is a great idea, as such it will likely never be implemented.
Anything crafted 590+ should salvage to asmo, runic, etc… - everything else salvages to the primary mat required to craft.

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I think he is talking about Keenly Empowered.

i know he is.

im just wondering if its worth it over empowered shooter stance.

i guess having both would stack. and K emp is seems to be way higher than emp stance. 4% vs 15%

You really dropping infamy just because of enchanted?

Holy moly better focus on second weapon :smiley:


Hi A7faisal, thanks for taking the time to write out this post, i’ll send a report up to the dev team in regards to your suggestion. Have a great day!

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Thank u soo much for the reply please tell them if the can bring it with feb update that will be insane !!

But why?

So let’s say u craft 10 rings 9 of them very bad rolls and ppl won’t buy it also the price for it in market so low like 300 gold !! Its better u salvage them and get some asmo back