Can we get expedition keys nuked from orbit?

Can we just make it the these mat requirements are just completely slapped harder than what they got done.

The problem with these damn things currently are is you don’t want to do them unless your water mark is super high when these should be the things we use as the actual reliable boost to our GS

Nerf the living Christ out the mat cost, nuke the requirement for high level portals out it.
Let us trade them on the trading post as we are already buying and selling them anyways.

This is a win win win situation.
More content to consume
Helps with the GS watermark grind
Helps the market move around a little more because you can trade gold for water mark farming opportunities.

This should buy you enough time to sort out what is going on with end game in the long run


I dont think they should have any key requirement at all personally. Expeditions are more fun than elite farms and limiting them like this is limiting the fun.


Expeditions should be free, tuning orbs should change any expedition into an elite 60+ zone for farming 600+ gear


I don’t actually hate the key system but it’s too way too much currently and was even worse in the past.

We don’t want people just spamming them non stop and killing the open world, the tuning for it is just way off


Don’t hate that but we don’t want people only doing expeditions all day every day at end game and abandoning the open world

But it wouldn’t give anything of major note besides the few limited possible 600gs drops there are at late game expeditions, any “tuned” expedition would give a wide variety of 600+ gear leading to a use for tuning orbs and a real reason to grind them considering 600+ could mean over 600 :thinking:

Simply make them so you can only do same dungeon 1 or 2 times a day.

Sounds too good to be true

Please do, it could greatly smooth out end game progression!

This is what we need and what tons of other mmos do free access to instances and end game heroic modes.

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I haven’t quit the game, and I agree that tuning orbs need to go. Your slippery slope “if we get rid of tuning orbs we might as well be able to fly” is toxic. The dungeons are fun, and we want to do them more. We also want to craft gear for ourselves, go to war, defend our territories from invasions and PvPers, build up our watermarks, take people on gathering runs, help level trade skills, make money, and just hang out. Why cut hours of that time out to spend multiple days re-unlocking a dungeon we already have access to? A player engaged in the multiple other grinds in the game already is just asking for a QoL tweak, not a Christmas present in June.

I don’t hate the key system because ultimately if they were “free” the open world will feel less populated.

However, make the mat’s not Bind on pickup. Simple fix.

I haven’t refunded the game, I’m still playing and I’ve done 5 end game expeditions in the whole time I’ve been 60 which took me a little over a week to do because you don’t want to burn a key with out a high gear score prehand or it feels like a waste

Expeditions are very fun and currently criminally underused as opposed to overused

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