Can we get some concrete info on server merges?

I play on the Vanahaim Sigma world set.

We have 7 worlds in the world set and 6 of those 7 worlds have 300 players online with a 500 peak.

Midgard being the 7th which is full with a 500 queue most of the time.

Should we wait for a merge or transfer out?
When are the merges happening if they are happening?

Solid answers needed and required ASAP as it effects the continuety of people playing.
We need to start actions NOW and require information to do so.

They basically said server merges are a while away, a while being an unknown but not infinite amount of time. They said they have no timeline to share.

It’s literally impossible for them to give a timeline on anything. Each new update brings more bugs than they expected and the timeline would get pushed back every week. I would expect another round of free transfers before mergers.

My opinion, transfer out

Yes. The whole reason of this post is to get an answer rather than a non answer what we got sofar.

The players need to start taking actions now and these replys haven’t been helping at all.

Servers are dying and we only want to know whats the plan here, should we stay on the dead servers and wait for merge or no.

People won’t wait forever, alot of people from my company already quit there is no foundation to build on.

They reply to 1 in a thousand posts, but my personal advice is to transfer to a better populated server.

I guess I will transfer but it only fixes the issue for one person.

We were told that merges are an option if needed.

Well they are needed NOW not a month from now, we are past the time of thinking about them and they should be doing them atm.

People are quiting because they a have no info about the games continuety for them or if they should play on these servers.

Free transfer is nice but answers no questions.

Unfortunately it is the reality of the state of the game we are in. You can’t wait for answers, just have to do what you can to try and enjoy the game until you decide that enough is enough. Just look on the forums at how many questions and bug reports get ignored/go unanswered.

I was on a low pop server and got to do OPR, maybe once or twice a day. Even after transferring to a good server, 1.0.5 made the game worse, so mostly now I log in to do chest runs.

The game is about finding bandaid and your own answers on what to do.

Yeah it’s sad for me as I see more and more people daily saying “Fuck this” and quiting.

Waiting for crucial info while seeing the world crumble underneath them.

Many people crossed the point of no return and stated that the game is “shit and no one even cares” is this really what we want as nothing seems to be happening to fix it?

Continuety should be the first prio.

As I already mentioned the merges should already be rolling and the info about them posted 2 weeks ago…

Hello all,

Please be aware of the following:

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