Can we get some information?


So, can we get an update developers, community managers etc whats going on on the following;

Ice gauntlet in pvp abuse- 3 weeks already no answer from ags or anyone…- destroys most wars and ope and thats all there is of pvp anyway espessialy on lower pop servers

Mutations(lazarus for example) timer extending itself by 24 hours, no new mutations coming on servers

New merges/transfer tokens, server from previous merge are dying again due to arrival of new bugs…

I feel there is no communication between ags and whatever is left of the playerbase of new world.

Ptr servers are in better state than the actual main servers sadly.

Game will die with this attitude of devs…


Be nice to get weekly annoucment on what the team is actually working on whats getting done and stuff… maybe every monday you can make a post in general official annoucments.

Some servers had a restart and the new mutation (Dynasty) was there. Others are still stuck on Lazarus. But as far as I know, neither in the forums or on their tweeter… no official announcement about what the hell is going on or when can we expect the new mutation on all the servers that didn’t had a restart.

AGS needs to really communicate more with us.


But thats what i mean its like a new bug comes and they just hide…

No communication with whatever number ofplayers thaf is left from us…

I mean cmon… u cant run a game/company like this… they should have people working 24/7(different shifts obviously not 1 person doing all) be nice to have some server admins/mods on maybe to get rid of botter glitchers etc.

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Game cannot die when its dead already

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Yes, they hide because you don’t treat them like uncomprehended babies. Come on guys, don’t clap too hard they have sensitive hears.

I mean its not dead, people actually care. I think the game has great potential with the right attitude of devs.

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Its over!! Patience reached it limits for some peolple… in 6days it will be totally zombie zone in lost ark release

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yeah im pretty bummed. this last patch has the game bleeding out at an irreparable rate. im a “content creator” at 1k hours in and have played since the alpha and i want the game to do well but the silence is haunting and its hard to even defend them when im streaming at this point.

the lack of foresight from the dev team killed this game. my server was at least semi active until the patch. towns are dead. wars and territory control/influence have come to a screeching halt. box runs dont fire anymore., and opr ques are 1+ hour during prime time for a curb stomp game where no one gets rewards.

im just genuinely sad. i really really liked this game.

im still playing, not gonna quit just yet. i logged on for about 8 hours yesterday and just sat outside of laz spamming for groups all day. got in a few m4’s but this isnt the game i want to play anymore.

edit: and even logging on today… the mutation still hasnt rotated, they ARE aware of the problem because it was messed up yesterday…, AND the rotation bug was supposably “fixed” on the PTR about a month ago stated by a DEV. idk man it just feels like i care more than they do at this point.



They are taking a new approach of zero transparency. This is probably because the truth is bad news.

The reality is likely that the development team is way in over their heads with the issues that are accumulating and no one except the people who work at AGS know what’s really going on.

A bug that has prevented them from merging servers has gone unresolved for months. This is their biggest issue as it affects a large portion of their players. They still don’t have an expected resolution time for this.

The February update has been slated for bug fixes and that’s it. While there’s a lot of content that’s been speculated or datamined. The devs have not commented or committed to any of this content outside of a new weapon type.

They are likely being very careful about how much content they can commit to and at what pace because there is a good chance that this game will either be put in maintenance mode or shut down. Look at Crucible:

“We very much appreciate the way that our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we’ve loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the last few months, but ultimately we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead [for] Crucible ,”

Do you see a healthy and sustainable future for New World? Every update they’ve released has done nothing to stem the bleeding of player base. The game’s been on sale twice with no recognizable gains to the game’s population. How long do you think before AGS scraps New World?

Ive seen that this morning yes, thanks for the link.

Transfer tokens were mentioned on the dev update video.

Ice gauntlet bug is fixed this patch this is happening at this very moment (or has happened, I’m not at home atm)

Laz thing was mentioned also. They basically said they don’t know what is causing it and is trying to fix it.

They legit mentioned it 4 hours after your post. Transfer tokens a few weeks ago.

This is really all that matters. You can go back and forth about mutated expeditions or OPR giving expedition like rewards. In the end though, nothing AGS have done has been able to stabilize the rapid loss of players.

One month ago the peak player count on steam was 95k, now it is 60k. That is around 35% drop in one month. Put this together with the 95% drop from launch and this is a massive declining trend which seems to have no end in sight.

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