Can we have an update?

i think we can forgive them for having issues as hey things go wrong, but no update for 2 hours as to what they are planning is bad in my opinion

Aye, the total lack of communication is adding insult to the offense.

Twitter feed is probably more up to date but personally I would prefer to have them working on this issue than explaining it. And yes, I know that there are different people with different functions, but we’re talking about Amazon, who tend to stretch resources as far as they possibly can, so I doubt they have many community managers worrying about communicating with us right now. But they are in fact one of the world leaders in cloud computing and they surely know how to fix this.

They said they are adding servers.

There are a ton of servers open with little to no queue.

People want either stream worlds, or the popular worlds.

Depends on your region. In the EU, there is no server below a Queue of 800, not a single one and it’s not even prime time.
The 5 latest EU EN/DE servers had a 2000+ queue 20min after launch.

New World Server Status & Population (

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